How to Make Money Outside of Seeing Patients

Sep 24, 2016
1 min read

I hear it all the time - "how do I make money outside of just being an optometrist?"

It's really easy if you are willing to step to the challenge.

First off, you've got to believe really in yourself, and secondly, it comes down to media.

Put yourself out there on the internet, write about your ideas, publish them on a media outlet like LinkedIn or Medium.

So many media companies want a good story, so why don't you start writing to become an opinion leader?

LinkedIn and Medium, two excellent blogging platforms that will get your recognized. The platforms already have an audience to view, like, and share your content. You don't NEED to build your own eyecare or optometry blog!

Also, consulting is huge.

As a new graduate optometrist, you can sit in front of the CEO of a huge company and have them hungry to hear your ideas. You're a millennial, you know the digital and social media space better than anyone. Use that power for your benefit.

Look inside yourself and find yourself, and know what you want to do.

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About Matt Geller, OD

Matt Geller, OD is the co-founder and CEO of CovalentCreative - an independently owned, eyecare professional-only, digital marketing agency that provides content, creative, and technology services for forward-thinking eyecare organizations. CovalentCreative is the parent company of - a digital …

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