Eyes On Eyecare Editorial Policy

The mission of the Eyes On Eyecare publication team is to support the careers of all eyecare professionals by providing the highest-quality free eyecare education in the world.

Editorial Ethics - 6 Core Tenets

The content we publish on Eyes On Eyecare is reviewed by doctors. All of our editorially independent clinical content is closely reviewed for clinical accuracy by a Clinical Editor, an engaged member of our editorial board with expertise in their specialty.

The content we publish on Eyes On Eyecare is as accurate as possible. Claims regarding clinical treatments will be backed up by appropriately cited studies and clinical evidence from reputable and recent sources. If you spot an error in any of our resources or reporting, you can email us at editorial@eyesoneyecare.com. 

The content we publish on Eyes On Eyecare is as free of bias as possible. Any author bias or preference is acknowledged as such. Many of our contributors are paid consultants or speakers for various commercial and educational interests. These disclosures are included within the article. 

The content we publish on Eyes On Eyecare is always labeled as editorially independent or sponsored. We maintain an internal firewall between our Publication department and our Client Services department. Our Client Services department creates sponsored content, and our Publication department creates editorially independent content. These teams do not cross over or share resources to ensure content is free of financial bias.

We compensate 100% of doctors that write content for our publications.We don’t expect anyone to work for free. All of our content is compensated at industry-leading rates.

We’re committed to representing the diversity of eyecare. We believe a more diverse and inclusive eyecare industry will improve patient outcomes and doctor happiness. We support and spotlight industry initiatives supporting this goal.

Content Submission Policy

If you’re an eyecare professional looking to contribute to Eyes On Eyecare Resources, go here.

Eyes On Eyecare Resources publishes a wide range of educational content on clinical, practice management, and career topics in eyecare. For a better understanding of what we publish, check out our recent articles.

Understanding Our Publications:

Eyes On Eyecare Publications
eyesoneyecare.com/resources is our home for long-form content resources for eyecare education.glance.eyesoneyecare.com, our news division, offers “at a glance” bite-sized informative updates on crucial eyecare news, distilled for the busy practitioner.
Eyes On Eyecare Resources does not publish:
  • Non-sponsored product reviews
  • Editorial content under 800 words
  • Content written for an eyecare patient audience
  • News or press releases
Glance does not publish:
  • Opinion pieces
  • Copy & paste press releases
  • Editorial content over 800 words

Publishing Content on Eyes On Eyecare Publications

Who Contributes Content to Eyes On Eyecare Publications:

Eyes On Eyecare content is contributed by practicing clinicians, eyecare industry professionals, medical and optometry students, and our internal team.

How To Get In Touch With Our Publication Team:

If you have a topic you think Eyes On Eyecare should cover either in Resources or Glance, there are three ways to get in touch with us:

  • Sponsor content. To learn about sponsored content opportunities, check out our Media Kit.
  • Submit a press release or announcement. We will not publish your press release as-is, but our team will assess the content for a match with our audience and possible feature in Glance. This is one of the best ways to let our news division know about new developments. To submit a press release, email us at glance@eyesoneyecare.com.
  • Submit an update to a guide or download.We publish dozens of guides and downloads and update them regularly. If you spot an omission and want to request a quicker update, please use our contact form and provide the link to the resource and your requested update in the message field.
  • Have something else you want to share? Get in touch with us using this form. You can also use this form if you’re an expert on a particular topic and want to register as a potential interviewee either on your own behalf or on behalf of a third party.

The Eyes On Eyecare Reader Promise

Here is a list of promises to our readers, listeners, and viewers. We urge you to hold us accountable for living up to our obligations to you. 

  • ECP-focused: The content on Eyes On Eyecare is for eyecare professionals, by eyecare professionals. We won't use generative AI to create content, and we only accept contributions from those within the field of eyecare.
  • Valuable Topics: We choose topics by asking our audience, collaborating with eyecare’s top thought leaders, and using proprietary data trend analysis. 
  • Unique Content: The content on Eyes On Eyecare is unique. Each piece contributed to our publication will not be published anywhere else online.
  • Updates & Edits: The content on Eyes On Eyecare is evergreen and up to date. When content receives significant updates, it will be noted within the article.
  • Quality First: If we’re going to cover a topic, we’re going to do it justice and leave no stone unturned. We’d rather give you one ultimate guide than five short listicles.
  • Bias-free: Any author bias will be acknowledged and financial disclosures included, and all content will be labeled as editorially independent or sponsored. See our Ethics Policy for more details.
  • Free in General: All of our content will always be available free of charge. We don’t believe in placing education behind a paywall.
  • One-stop Shop: We’re committed to providing our audience with a single ecosystem for news, long-form content, events, CE/CME, and jobs. Your convenience is our top priority.
  • Data Privacy: Your personal information will remain confidential unless you opt-in to share it. Our privacy policy can be found here.
  • Email Frequency: We survey our audience and monitor engagement rates to ensure your inbox isn’t overloaded. We also provide you with a “snooze email” feature so you can take a break from emails instead of needing to unsubscribe. 
  • Financial Transparency: Eyes On Eyecare’s revenue comes from advertising, sponsored content, and sponsored events. We’ll always be transparent about where our money comes from, and we welcome your feedback. Read more about how we make money here.

How We Make Money

We believe that truth and transparency are the keys to running a successful organization and having successful relationships in life. We cherish our relationship with our audience, and we want to be transparent with you about how we generate revenue to fuel our organization's growth and therefore value to our audience.

Advertising: We deploy banner ads on our website, within our emails, within our social media accounts, and via retargeting ads. We do our best to label advertisements clearly.

Sponsored Content: We work with our clients to tell their message in a way that we know our readers want to hear. We go above and beyond to make sponsored content extremely high quality so that it is worthy of our readers’ time. Sponsored content is always clearly labeled. We do not give away your email or name to sponsors unless you deliberately opt into their communications.

Email Content: We only deploy co-branded emails that have been designed in a way that is worthy of our readers' time. We will never bombard you with a 3rd party-designed email blast. Additionally, we set a very low maximum cap on our 3rd party email deployments to ensure your inbox isn’t annihilated.

Events: We create high-quality events that industry organizations can sponsor. We strive to use the best technology platforms and the highest production quality to ensure our readers have an incredibly positive experience. We do not give away your email or name to sponsors unless you deliberately opt into their communications.

Market Research: We conduct surveys and provide reports to help our industry partners better understand market trends so that they can improve their offerings to the eyecare community. We do not give away your personally identifiable information to any individual or organization, ever, under any circumstance. 

Talent Acquisition: Our job board and recruiting services help match employers and candidates to create successful employment relationships. We monetize the sale of job listings and recruiting services for the employer. It is always free for the candidate.

Agency: Our parent company, CovalentCreative, acts as a content agency for eyecare organizations and generates revenue from projects that are not released on the Eyes On Eyecare ecosystem.