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Our mission is to provide quality, informative content to our audience of eyecare and allied health professionals, whether it’s tips on preparing for a job interview, thorough clinical overviews, practice management advice, or an in-depth clinical billing guide. We use our CovalentCreators platform to share open writing and other content projects. If you’re interested in working with us, please create an account. If an upcoming project matches your skills and interests, we'll reach out!

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Whether you're a student, clinician, or practice owner, CovalentCareers gives you a platform to build your personal brand and share your knowledge.

We are eyecare's top online publication, reaching an audience of 110,000 monthly readers (and growing!). We were also the first online media group to create content serving the new graduate audience.


How it works

Our editorial team works closely with writers to create the highest-quality content possible.

  1. Our editorial team will equip you with a style guide and one-on-one training on our editorial standards and guidelines.
  2. From there, you will set to work writing a high-quality, in-depth piece.
  3. You'll submit a draft to our team for review and we'll either kick it back to you for edits or (great job!) it will go straight into our copyediting process.
  4. We'll publish your piece and work with you to spread the word to both our online audience and your colleagues and fans!

From our writers  ✏️

Grant Mitchell, MOT, OTR/L

“I first wanted to write for CovalentCareers as an opportunity to connect with other peers, but found it also an opportunity to grow in my ability to communicate through writing. I personally read and follow every post by other contributors as well.”

Steven Turpin, OD

"You don't really understand something until you write about it. Writing for CovalentCareers taught me that first hand. CovalentCareers helped me find my voice and develop a deep understanding of the content I wanted to share. I wouldn't be the researcher, educator and clinician I am today without them."

Rebecca Maidansky, DPT

“Writing for CovalentCareers has been SO fun. It helps me develop my own thoughts as a physical therapist, while allowing me the opportunity to have my voice heard.”

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