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Now Eyes On Eyecare

Our new name better reflects our focus on the eyecare community!

Focused on eyecare

The revamped Eyes On Eyecare website offers the same great content, resources, and jobs that CovalentCareers and NewGradOptometry provided. Our exclusive focus on optometry, ophthalmology, and other ECPs just means the site offers more value for you!

Clinical & career articles

Check out helpful clinical resources and career tools and advice—all written by optometrists and ophthalmologists!

Virtual events

In 2020 we hosted two ground-breaking virtual events: April’s Virtual Career Fair and November’s Eyes On 2021. With 7,000 total attendees and an NPS score of 86, these events set the standard for what’s possible online. Join us in 2021 for Eyes On Dry Eye 2021 and Eyes On 2022!

Eyecare jobs

Eyes On Eyecare hosts nearly 1,000 optometrist, ophthalmologist, and tech positions. Find your next great opportunity on eyecare’s #1 hiring website!

Optometry’s leading digital publication

Eyes On Eyecare ranks among the top three digital publications for optometrists. While CovalentCareers alluded to our job resources, the Eyes On Eyecare name reflects the wealth of clinical and eyecare-specific resources we offer!

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ODs, ophthalmologists, and techs can still find jobs, explore companies, and do their hiring from a single website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change your name?

The CovalentCareers name did not capture our community’s focus on eyecare professionals. Eyes On Eyecare highlights our 100% focus on optometrists, ophthalmologists, and techs. It also better captures the fact that we publish clinical content and host groundbreaking virtual eyecare events—in addition to being your trusted resource for career advice and jobs.

Did the team members change at all?

Nope! The CovalentCareers and Eyes On Eyecare teams have been and will remain the same. We’re a fast-growing team of nearly 30 individuals located in sunny San Diego, CA. Our staff has a combined 50+ years of media, content, clinical, and talent acquisition experience in the optometry and ophthalmology space and we have three doctors on staff!

What happens to my article if I wrote for CovalentCareers or if I still want to write?

All articles, content, and author bios have been migrated from the CovalentCareers website to Eyes On Eyecare. You can find them in the resources section of Eyes On Eyecare. Just do a quick search.

Also, if you’d like to write a piece, we’d love to hear from you! Just fill out our writer inquiry form.

I had an account on CovalentCareers. Did it transfer?

It sure did! You can create a profile to monitor courses, track job (or hiring) activity, and more.

What kind of emails will I get now?

Nothing will change! You can expect to receive the same exact emails you have been receiving.