Student to New Optometrist: The Complete Guide to Your Transition

The complete guide to leaving optometry school and starting life as a practicing OD!

Hey everyone!

Congratulations on making it through optometry school and welcome to our Student to New Optometrist guide! Since the founding of our publication seven years ago, we’ve published nearly 1,000 resources, interviewed a truly ridiculous number of awesome, innovative young ODs, and gotten to know so many of you personally.

We've added some great new content contributed by our writers, but this is the same guide that six generations of new grad optometrists have used, with a lot of updates to credentialing, licensing, and all sorts of new research and products that will help you be the best new grad OD you can be.

So read on, sign up to get more great content, and be sure to check out the Eyes On Eyecare job board if you are looking for your first or next optometrist job.

Good luck on your career journey!


Dr. Matt Geller, OD

CEO & Co-founder, Eyes On Eyecare

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