Dry AMD Treatments: An Ophthalmology Resident's Guide

Aug 16, 2022
40 min read

Amidst the treatable conditions that can lead to blindness, dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one in which treatment options are lacking. The likelihood of acquiring dry AMD is increased with many non-modifiable risk factors, such as age, ethnicity, genetics, and pre-existing dry AMD in the contralateral eye. There are also modifiable risk factors such as smoking, diet, weight, and UV exposure.

To date, no true treatments for dry AMD can reverse its disease state. For decades, patients have been advised to take preventative actions such as modifying potential risk factors attributed to the progression of dry AMD. Oral AREDS2 vitamins are currently the only supplements clinicians can advise patients to initiate for those with at least intermediate-staged disease.

This article provides an updated list of past (failed), current, and future (pipeline) treatment modalities aimed at treating dry AMD.

Dry AMD Treatment Pathways