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3 Qualities of the Best Optometry EHRs

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The best optometry EHRs are built upon a backbone consisting of three core things: a focus on eyecare, commitment to technology, and customer support.
Choosing the best optometry EHR system for your practice is extremely important to the efficiency and productivity of your business. It is vital to make the right choice now, to save yourself from wasted effort and time switching EHRs in the future.
Along with examining user interface, templates, integrations and design, it’s important to consider some other critical elements and qualities that the best optometry EHRs possess. Three additional key factors to consider when choosing your EHR are technology, customer support & expertise, and a commitment to eye care. RevolutionEHR has worked tirelessly to dedicate itself to these elements and become the best partner in these areas.

Commitment to technology

If you have practiced optometry for any length of time, you know our industry is constantly changing. A software vendor must be continuously innovating and updating to meet customer needs. This is so important when choosing an EHR for your practice. Whether it is technological equipment release, insurance changes or industry disruption, one can count on RevolutionEHR to stay current.RevolutionEHR is a cloud-based software program. Doctors and practice owners do not need to worry about backing up information or maintaining individual servers. Since information is not stored on individual computers, patient data security is improved. A big bonus to having cloud-based software is automatic updates are rolled out instantly to you!
RevolutionEHR has successfully integrated with over 50 major industry partners. Optical order submission is made easy through Vision Web. Claims are sent successfully through clearing houses like Trizetto and ApexEDI. Most recently, RevolutionEHR has added seamless ordering technology called SmartFlow for Sight™, which eliminates duplicate or erroneous entry of contact lens orders by integration with major contact lens distributors like OOGP and ABB. Eliminating errors like this are critical in avoiding forgotten patient orders, enhancing the customer experience and increasing efficiency while decreasing staff time.
Additionally, other integrations are available, such as automated phoropters, auto-refractors, and many other types of ophthalmic testing equipment. Again, this substantially reduces the chance for errors, decreases doctor charting time, and allows patients to move quickly through the pre-testing and exam process.
RevolutionEHR has many other software integrations to make practice management easier. RevConnect technology keeps you connected to your patients through email and text messages, eyewear ready alerts, appointment reminders, and birthday messages. This seamless software integration saves time for you and your staff, and keeps your exam schedule full.
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Customer support and expertise

Customer support is one of the most important aspects of any business, and as a practice owner, I am sure you can understand and appreciate that. RevolutionEHR’s customer support prides itself on being both accessible and exceptional!
All of RevolutionEHR’s support reps have experience working in an eye care practice. Not only are they experts in the software, but they understand the daily challenges of an optometry practice. And since RevolutionEHR is cloud-based, all customers are using the same version of the software at all times, making it easier for the support team to answer users questions about features and functionality.
RevolutionEHR support channels are easily accessible by phone, live chat, or email. My favorite feature of RevolutionEHR’s customer service is the ability to shoot a quick email between patients and come back to a response. Responses by email include a quick feedback survey to convey back to RevolutionEHR if your question has been answered.
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RevolutionEHR offers webinars and videos on ongoing updates and changes to the system, as well as areas of the software you may not be familiar with or just need a refresher on. When I have a question about the best way to perform a function such as crediting a patient, I can search within their Knowledge Base and FAQ database for the answer and/or watch a helpful webinar or video. Customer support is also active on a Facebook page dedicated only to RevolutionEHR users. This not only is beneficial for support, but provides instant help and advice from the community of RevolutionEHR users. RevolutionEHR also holds user meetings at various tradeshows and conferences throughout the year, which allows us to have face to face time with members of the customer support and product management teams.
Most importantly, RevolutionEHR is very receptive and responsive to customer feedback. Many changes in the software are a direct result of customer feedback. RevolutionEHR keeps an open line of communication with their users, including a feedback button right within RevolutionEHR where customers can provide suggestions and enhancement ideas for the software.

Commitment to eyecare

RevolutionEHR is a company for ODs, founded by an OD. This was extremely important to me when choosing an EHR for my practice. An OD understands the day to day flow of an office, how to improve efficiencies, and how to best document patient care. RevolutionEHR is deeply invested in our profession and is committed to improving patient care.
Usability might be the most important feature of an EHR. A small business owner already spends enough time at the office during the day. Add hours of administration time, and your quality of life can quickly become significantly affected which can lead to physician burnout.
RevolutionEHR allows for the doctor to customize their own templates facilitating improved patient flow and easy charting. Each test you may order can be customized for analysis, consultation, and preparation of a care plan. This saves you time by easily triggering care plans with certain diagnoses.
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Additionally, RevolutionEHR makes coding and billing simple by helping the doctor pick the billing level as well as assigning refractive codes. This ensures billing is more accurate, less likely to be denied, and paid more quickly, directly reducing accounts receivable. They also have an integration with RevCycle Partners, a company that can help with payment posting so your in-office employees can spend more time directly with patients.
RevolutionEHR offers additional add-on solutions to help a private practice owner. As mentioned before, RevConnect is a patient communication tool inside RevolutionEHR that simplifies the delivery and tracking of your patient reminders, recalls, and custom messages via text and email. RevAspire is a program dedicated to helping a practice navigate the changes in healthcare set by Medicare in their MACRA/MIPs program. And RevImaging is a cloud-based document and image management solution that simplifies the storing, viewing, and comparing of multiple images. All of these services and solutions are the result of RevolutionEHR understanding the eye care practice and industry.
When you own a business, you must be a jack of all trades, and RevolutionEHR substantially lessens your load. Whether you are looking to start a practice, transition to an EHR or grow an existing practice, RevolutionEHR’s commitment to technology, customer service, and eye care are essential to your practice’s success. Making the correct choice when choosing an EHR partner is important to improving the practice of optometry for both you and your staff as well as saving you time, money, and headaches.

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Antonio Chirumbolo, OD
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Antonio Chirumbolo, OD is the Director of Client Services at CovalentCreative. He completed his optometry degree at the SUNY College of Optometry in 2013. Antonio is passionate about digital media, marketing, and advertising and in his free time still practices optometry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Antonio Chirumbolo, OD
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