Managing An Optical Made Easy With RevolutionEHR

Jul 29, 2019
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Managing an optical in an optometric practice is extremely difficult. 

Optometry school does not equip you with the knowledge to understand the intricacies of managing an optical like:

  • Knowing what frames to stock
  • How much inventory to carry and how much to spend on inventory
  • Analyzing frame performance
  • How to generate the most revenue

As a practice owner, it is critical to leverage any and all tools available in order to manage an optical effectively, which is such an important component of so many practices. For many practice owners, that means looking first and foremost at your electronic health record (EHR).

RevolutionEHR was designed to serve as an incredible tool for practice owners tasked with managing an optical from placing optical orders, to managing inventory, tracking jobs, and analyzing performance.

Managing Optical Inventory

Part of successfully managing an optical requires managing frame inventory. Depending on the size of your practice, this could easily involve thousands of frames. Fortunately, RevolutionEHR integrates with, facilitating auto-population of every size, shape, and color for any frames you carry that can be found in This is an excellent feature unless you’d prefer to manually enter that information or enjoy digging around if a patient has a question regarding a frame option.

RevolutionEHR also allows for the building of customizable reports that can be run if a patient requests something specific that is not on your frame board. So if a patient is looking for square frames, good news, you can search your entire product catalog for any matches! Once again, a massive time saver allowing for improved efficiency.or improved efficiency.

Analyzing Your Optical Inventory

A major part of successfully managing your optical consists of successfully analyzing and assessing your inventory. This is directly related to deciding what frames to stock, return, or exchange. Being able to identify your best and worst sellers is crucial in this decision-making process.

You should always have your best sellers in stock and on your frame board. If you know a specific frame has a high probability of selling on a daily basis, every day that frame is not on display is a missed opportunity. RevolutionEHR allows you to keep track of your inventory and a quick report can tell you when it is time to reorder a frame once you set a desired minimum and maximum frame quantity to keep on hand.

When it comes time to analyzing high and low performers, once again, RevolutionEHR can quickly produce a report showing you how many times a frame in your inventory has sold. This gives you a snapshot into understanding which frames or frame lines are performing best.

If you notice specific frames or frame lines have a low turnover rate, then it might be time to reconsider if they are a right fit for your practice patient demographic.

Another way to easily obtain this information is to understand how long a frame sits on your frame board before it sells. This is where RevolutionEHR’s age report comes in handy. This aging report can track historical data for frames that have sold multiple times to calculate the average time you have it in office before it sells again, and additionally will show you how long each frame in your current inventory has sat unsold on your board. Identifying these high and low performers is critical when it comes to making buying decisions and working with frame reps on making exchanges for different products, or perhaps more product that connects better with your patient population.

Placing Orders in the Optical

When it comes to managing an optical, understanding how to save time and eliminate errors is key to increasing efficiency and patient satisfaction. Entering order information can easily consume a massive amount of your optical staff’s time, and can be a major source of entry error. This is bad for business.

RevolutionEHR’s integrated barcode and scanner system streamlines the ordering process and reduces error entry. Every new frame entered into your inventory receives a unique barcode linked to your RevolutionEHR inventory. When it comes time to enter an order for a patient, you can easily scan the barcode on the frame and all frame information auto-populates into the patient’s order form. As soon as the frame is put onto an invoice, it is removed from your stock and updates your inventory automatically and seamlessly!

RevolutionEHR also has an optional automated alert system that can recognize when there is essential information missing from an order. If you haven’t entered a seg height on a progressive order, you’ll be notified immediately preventing you from having to call the patient back in for a measurement that should have been taken and entered the first time around.

RevolutionEHR excels at minimizing time consuming, mundane optical duties. Something as simple as calling a patient to let them know their glasses are ready for dispensing can add up to a tremendous amount of time for a busy practice. This is time that your staff could be spending on other things. RevolutionEHR’s patient communication solution, RevConnect, can handle this for you by sending patients an automated text message or email after an order has been received and verified by your optician and is ready for pickup.

SmartFlow for Sight™ for Seamless Ordering

SmartFlow for Sightis order processing technology available directly within RevolutionEHR. This technology connects your practice with product suppliers, and gives you the ability to automate the entire ordering process from submission to product delivery to patients. The catalogue of Product Partners is rapidly growing and so far includes: ABB Optical Group, CooperVision, HOYA, OOGP WVA, and New Era.

With SmartFlow technology, you can place an order in RevolutionEHR instantly with a click of a button and get real-time status updates, improving practice efficiency and providing a better patient experience, while completely avoiding the need to enter orders in multiple portals and places.

Additional Support for Managing an Optical

For opticals struggling to improve or maximize their capture rate, there is additional support available within RevolutionEHR.

twelve84 is an eyewear solution developed by RevolutionEHR to provide practices an eyewear option that delivers an “in house” brand story at more affordable prices for their patients, with the ultimate goal of encouraging those patients who may be looking elsewhere to fill their prescriptions, to keep their business in your practice.

This turn-key solution is available exclusively to practices using RevolutionEHR. twelve84 gives practices an option for providing patients unique, high quality eyewear at affordable prices, while also providing practices a healthy profit margin and incredible ordering efficiencies.

RevolutionEHR gives practice owners the ability to quickly gather data and information along with providing the tools necessary to make your practice run more efficiently, ultimately leading to greater patient satisfaction, and better use of your and your staff’s time.

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