Why New Grad ODs Should Consider MyEyeDr.

Oct 23, 2020
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When looking for your first position, many new ODs want a home where you can sharpen your clinical skills, earn a great living, and discover opportunities for career growth. One great place to look for all three? MyEyeDr.


Whether you’re an Optometry student looking forward to that upcoming graduation date or a newly minted OD fresh out of school, you’re probably considering how you can find that “perfect assignment.” Do you want to be in private practice, or does a larger corporate environment seem more your speed? For ODs who want to provide full-scope, comprehensive eye care in the private practice model with the resources of a large company, MyEyeDr. offers the opportunity to grow your clinical and business skills while prioritizing stellar patient care in a community-based setting

We spoke with six ODs with MyEyDr., some of whom took positions with the company right out of school, to learn more about why the organization is such a great place for new ODs.

While ODs focus on taking care of patients, MyEyeDr. takes care of ODs

As a 2020 grad, Nisma Gabr, OD is a fairly new Optometrist with MyEyeDr; however, she worked in the field as a floating technician with the company after the practice she was working for was acquired. After completing her internship with MyEyeDr., Dr. Gabr settled into an office in Raleigh, North Carolina—right in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. She says she saw firsthand the stark contrast between how MyEyeDr. operated within the instability of the pandemic compared to other companies, especially in terms of hiring practices and how employees were treated.

Dr. Gabr says that unlike other companies she talked to, MyEyeDr. seemed to have “figured it out,” and ODs at MyEyeDr. told her they were still getting paid even though their offices were closed. “It wasn’t that way with the private practices I talked to. Their offices weren’t open and they weren’t receiving any income,” she says.

As far as why she chose MyEyeDr. over other employers in eyecare, Dr. Gabr cites the way they took care of their doctors during COVID-19; the positive experiences she’d had in the past; and the fact that they provided so much support made the difference for her. She says the fact that MyEyeDr. is so well-established was a key factor, too—especially during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Dr. Gabr says the peer support at MyEyeDr. also influenced her decision. Describing the work environment as one in which “I’m surrounded by experienced doctors I can continue to learn from,” she believes that kind of support system is “super important in the long run.”

She also underscores how the leadership of the organization pays attention to the needs of ODs within their ranks, providing ready support to find solutions to any problems that arise: “You don't feel like you're alone in the desert. It's a good feeling.”

Candice Moore, OD agrees, saying she’s been impressed by how involved the company’s leadership is: “They’re always asking for input and providing feedback to improve patient care, office flow, and to support work-life balance.”

Dr. Moore says she started her Optometry career with a different employer and was overwhelmed by the number of patients she was expected to see each day: “I felt like I was rushing through the exam and unable to provide the quality care I’d been trained to give.”

She says Optometry is actually a second career, which means she had a unique perspective on the type of company culture and employer she wanted to find after graduation. Location, salary, and the ability to practice full-scope Optometry in a way that aligned with her commitment to quality care was key: “I wanted to have the autonomy to provide the best vision care for my patients.”

Dr. Moore is also a wife and mom—which made the ability to enjoy work-life balance a high priority, too: “With MyEyeDr., I'm able to have a fulfilling, challenging, low-stress job that allows me to go home and dedicate my time to my family.”

T’Sani Watson, OD says some of the key things she was looking for in a career opportunity included flexibility in her practice and the ability to incorporate some of the things she learned in her surgical residency: “I wanted to be in an office that allowed me to do what I wanted and didn’t restrict me to just doing glasses and contact lenses.”

Dr. Watson graduated in 2017 and started with MyEyeDr. in 2019 after completing a surgical residency in Atlanta. She has her own office in a single-doctor location and says she receives the support needed to provide a lot of specialty care. She describes MyEyeDr. as offering a patient-focused, private-practice feel with all the benefits of a corporate structure: “You don’t have to deal with all that goes along with managing a practice. MyEyeDr. has all that covered for you, but it still feels like my own office.”

Getting started at MyEyeDr.: from first impressions to onboarding

Alisha Martin, OD graduated in 2017 and is a clinical field manager with MyEyeDr. She sees patients four days a week and spends one day in the field providing in-person support for practices in her region. She says she first heard about MyEyeDr. while working weekend jobs in Optometry settings to pick up extra cash during her residency with the VA. She got her start with MyEyeDr. when one of those practices was acquired by the company.

Dr. Martin says those in her circles weren’t so sure about a company that acquired other practices. However, she quickly came to appreciate MyEyeDr.’s unique support model that’s both comprehensive and encourages practice autonomy: “They let the practices continue to be that same practice the community knows and loves while adding efficiencies and new workflows to create a better experience for patients and employees.”

Joel Saslawsky, OD has been an OD with MyEyeDr. for about six months. After he graduated from Optometry school, he returned to his hometown of Memphis to join his uncle’s practice, which had recently been acquired by MyEyeDr. Dr. Saslawsky had never heard of MyEyeDr. until his uncle told him about it. Company representatives thoroughly addressed and answered questions he had and while the information was reassuring, it was the input of Optometry colleagues that made the biggest difference—like the friend whose father’s practice had also partnered with MyEyeDr and told him it was a “good transition” in which “nothing really changed.”

Dr. Moore has been with MyEyeDr. for almost a year, practicing in the main office in Atlanta. She says she first heard about MyEyeDr. when she was in Optometry school during a presentation by a representative from the company. Since she’d heard “nothing but great things” about MyEyeDr., she was interested then, but there wasn’t an opportunity available in the area she wanted to live. When one opened up, a recruiter contacted her and then connected her with a recruiter from MyEyeDr. to continue the process. After they visited the practice together and it “pretty much checked off everything” on her list, Dr. Moore started about two months later and says it was a “phenomenal” process in which she had someone “show her the ropes” and made sure she was okay with the onboarding process.

Dr. Abbey Flora graduated optometry school in 2007 and worked for the same eyecare practice until it was acquired by MyEyeDr. in 2018. As far as her first impressions of the company, Dr. Flora says she wasn’t sure if all the patient-focused, team-oriented language used in MyEyeDr.’s presentation about its values and vision would turn out to be true. She says she’s been quite happy to discover that it is: “MyEyeDr. really supports their values and beliefs regarding taking care of the patients in a personal way with a team approach around doctors and operations working together.”

Opportunities for career growth at MyEyeDr.: from the clinic to the boardroom

When asked to describe how MyEyeDr.’s core values—especially regarding patient care—aligned with his own, Dr. Saslawsky says their mission is pretty clear: “They want to help patients live their best lives, and I do too. In my role, I listen to patients and try to help them see better and feel better. So our values are pretty much in sync.”

Regarding her experience so far, Dr. Watson says she’s enjoyed the autonomy of being in charge of her own office while benefiting from all the support provided, and has found MyEyeDr. to be “a great company to work for.” She says since starting with MyEyeDr., she’s grown in many ways as a clinician—especially in terms of offering specialty products and services.

Dr. Martin believes she’s experienced growth as a clinician, too. She says she’s benefited from being in “a place where your confidence can grow” through practicing independently while also receiving needed support from her community of more experienced peers: “It’s important to have that kind of informal mentorship.”

She says working at MyEyeDr. has given her new opportunities she didn’t expect—like her role as a clinical field manager. Stepping into leadership wasn’t something she’d previously considered, but thinks the company “saw potential in me before I saw it in myself.”

In terms of finding fulfillment, Dr. Saslawsky says he’s been happy with the fact that MyEyeDr. allows him to apply his clinical skills to help patients on a daily basis: “I work closely with ophthalmologists on cataract surgeries and retinal detachments, so I'm practicing full scope Optometry.” He says MyEyeDr. is “a great place to build your chops” and hone your clinical skills.

Dr. Flora adds that she’s been surprised about how personal such a big company can feel. She says company-wide events like holiday contests and picnics wasn’t something she’d experienced before, “but it's great for team building.” Dr. Flora says the culture at MyEyeDr. is different in a positive way. “It feels personal, like your voice gets heard,” she says.

2025 and beyond: setting—and meeting—career goals

As far as her plans for the next five-ten years, Dr. Moore says she wants to always “make sure I’m better than the year before.” She says she also has plans to build a specific brand of products to help her patients. While she’s committed to becoming a better doctor, she’s also focused on taking care of her family—and the work-life balance of her position supports that.

Dr. Martin says she needs to re-evaluate her five-year plan, since she’s progressed so quickly at MyEyeDr. that she’s already achieved her career goals for the next few years and needs to think further ahead: “I'll be honest. I didn't quite expect to get here as quickly as I did!”

Regarding why she’ll continue working for MyEyeDr., Dr. Flora says it’s because she “believes in the company” and is excited to work somewhere that’s experiencing such rapid growth.

Dr. Martin agrees, saying her growth potential; the company’s commitment to helping her be a community doctor with strong patient relationships; its innovative mindset; and great benefits all contribute to her desire to stay with MyEyeDr. in the years ahead.

What doctors need, MyEyeDr. prioritizes

Dr. Gabr says she’d tell other ODs or Optometry students that working for MyEyeDr. is a great opportunity for someone who is new—especially since the company provides so much support, is well established, and has a great reputation: “Being associated with the MyEyeDr. name is a big plus.”

Dr. Martin’s advice about working for MyEyeDr. might sum it up best: “When it comes down to it, I'd recommend it because of the people. I just think we have a great team of people on every level, and that's what makes me happiest about the company. I have great staff, I have great patients, and I have great mentors. What more does anyone need?”

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