Two-Week Contact Lenses and When To Use Them

Sep 11, 2019
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There are advantages of two-week contact lenses that can be beneficial for patients and practitioners.

In this video, Dr. Kate Gettinger discusses when she calls upon two-week contact lenses and why.

While there is a long list of reasons why many eye care professionals (ECPs) choose daily disposable contact lenses as their first choice option, some patients just aren’t quite there yet. In those patients, Dr. Gettinger recommends a two-week contact lens for a variety of reasons, but primarily because it encourages a more frequent replacement schedule compared to the alternative of monthly contact lenses and can also be more cost effective or at the very least comparable to monthly wear mitigating any price concerns that patients might have with daily disposables.

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Two-week contact lenses in a way provide that “compromise” so to speak between a daily lens and monthly lens, and might get them more in tune with replacing their lenses more frequently to eventually build them into a daily disposable.

Promoting year supply purchases is another tip in encouraging compliance and can oftentimes save patients money through rebates and other offers.

Regardless of what modality you choose, it really comes down to patient education and pushing compliance. Ensuring your patients are caring for their contact lenses and replacing them as indicated is the key to providing a safe and comfortable contact lens wearing experience.

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