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Jun 6, 2018
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In the age of modern technology, advancements have changed the way we do things. Software and storage is completely different. Eye care software is no exception.

Many practices are either using electronic health records (EHR) or transitioning from paper to EHR. However, even now, EHRs are much different than ever before.

Many EHR's are now using cloud-based delivery as opposed to servers. With EHR providers transitioning towards cloud-based delivery, how can a practice owner differentiate between the options and decide which EHR might work best in his or her office?

This has led to companies creating eye care software that can do more than just serve as an electronic health record, but offer more complete optometry practice management solutions.

When we hear RevolutionEHR is an all in one cloud-based EHR, it means simplicity.

The simplicity of using ONE cloud-based EHR and practice management software platform is the most effective and efficient way to run your practice.

The team that provides and supports the RevolutionEHR software has developed and created optometry practice management solutions for many of the challenges faced when running a practice.

Built with EHR and Practice Management at the core, RevolutionEHR not only seamlessly integrates with a variety of partner solutions but also enables a suite of business services for your practice.

These business services are delivered to RevolutionEHR users by Rev360.

Who is Rev360?

Rev360 is the eye care software and business services company that delivers the RevolutionEHR software platform and a suite of optional business services to eye care practices. Rev360 is fiercely committed to customers and the mission to deliver profitability and joy to practice owners that choose RevolutionEHR software to run their practice.

What are the business services Rev360 offers practice owners?

Rev360 offers business services that include patient engagement, product ordering, an eyewear service, image management, quality reporting, practice partnership and ongoing education. These services are delivered exclusively to RevolutionEHR users.

What is RevConnect?

RevConnect is a patient engagement solution that simplifies the delivery and tracking of patient reminders, recalls and custom messages via text and email – all within RevolutionEHR. There is no need to switch back and forth between software systems and there is no data syncing with third party services. Patient communication and messaging status is instantly up to date and accessible anywhere and anytime within RevolutionEHR.

What is SmartFlow?

SmartFlow is ordering technology that provides an efficient and accurate product ordering experience, directly with suppliers, all within RevolutionEHR. With SmartFlow, the practice staff who are ordering products in RevolutionEHR never need to leave RevolutionEHR to hop into another ordering portal and/or enter ordering data in more than one system which leads to ordering errors.

What is twelve84?

twelve84 is a tremendously efficient and profitable eyewear service and brand exclusive to RevolutionEHR practices. twelve84 was designed to provide practices a compelling, affordable collection of quality frames with lenses as THEIR OWN brand to offer their patients, with the simplest and most efficient ordering experience, all from within RevolutionEHR.

What is RevImaging?

RevImaging is image management software built for and enabled directly within RevolutionEHR. RevImaging provides RevolutionEHR users a completely unified, efficient, feature rich image management service for better disease progression monitoring, decision making and overall patient care experiences.

What is RevAspire?

RevAspire is a quality reporting service that supports and equips doctors and their practice through the entire process of CMS quality reporting. The RevAspire team of CMS quality reporting experts works on the doctor’s behalf, freeing them and their staff from the administrative burden of submitting quality reporting data, while also equipping them with one-on-one support to not just meet CMS quality reporting requirements to avoid penalties, but to exceed them and reap the benefits.

RevAspire offers CMS account administration, MIPS data submission, quality reporting assessments and advisement and audit response assistance.

What is RevAdvance?

RevAdvance is a practice partnership service, exclusively for practice owners using RevolutionEHR. Created for practice owners who are currently seeking to realize the value they have created in their practice without exiting their practice, RevAdvance serves as your partner to sustain the practice and your legacy in your community.

What is RevU?

RevU is an education service that delivers ongoing RevolutionEHR based training and applied practice management expertise to the RevolutionEHR user community. The Rev360 team of eye care experts focus on sharing proven techniques, tools and strategies for the best use of RevolutionEHR in the practice via on-demand videos, articles and user meetings.

When selecting an EHR for your practice, consider that it can be more than just software to store patient records.  Choose a company that will partner with your practice and leverage your software platform to its full capacity!

About Antonio Chirumbolo, OD

Antonio works in Client Marketing at CovalentCareers. His passions are everything and anything digital media.

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