Live Talks and Panels at Vision Expo West 2019

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Sep 11, 2019
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NewGradOptometry and CovalentCareers will be hosting live planels and talks at Vision Expo West 2019. Here is what you need to know!

Join NewGradOptometry & CovalentCareers at Booth MS7111 at Vision Expo West 2019!

NewGradOptometry and CovalentCareers will have a dedicated booth and presence at Vision Expo West 2019 and we will be filming LIVE interviews and hosting panel discussions with some of the top thought leaders in optometry. Come check out the talks and join in the discussion!

Show schedule for Vision Expo West 2019:

Thursday at 11:30am

Adding Concussion Care To Your Practice


Alexandra Talaber, OD


As a Neuro-Optometrist, Dr. Talaber has introduced and successfully integrated optometric care into a multi-disciplinary concussion clinic in Denver, CO. As concussion awareness has grown rapidly and management and treatment have improved greatly over the years, it’s essential for ODs to understand their role in managing patients recovering from concussion and screening tools to prevent concussions.

Thursday at 2:00pm

Are You Financially Ready To Buy Into a Practice?

Adam Cmejla, CFP of Integrated Planning and Wealth Management


In this talk, we’ll discuss cases of ODs that have been offered partnership opportunities or succession plan opportunities, but didn’t feel like they could afford to take them on because (a) they didn’t understand the numbers of the practice and (b) they didn’t feel like they can afford to buy into the practice and pay yet another loan. We’ll take a closer look at these cases and dispel these misconceptions.

Thursday at 2:30pm

Let’s Start This Practice From Scratch


Hannah Cho, OD


We’ll talk starting a private practice from scratch, and tips on how to grow your cold start as quickly as possible.

Thursday at 4:30pm

What You Need To Know About Myopia Control | In Partnership with Essilor


Ryan Parker, OD & Pete Hanlin


We’ll talk about myopia as an increasingly prevalent disease along with the strides we are making in controlling the progression of it. We’ll highlight the Myopia Task Force and other things industry companies are doing to support ODs in this battle.

Friday at 9:30am

Forget About Cold Starts, Let’s Focus On Warm Start Practices


Adam Ramsey, OD


We talk a lot about opening cold. What about starting warm? In this discussion, Dr. Ramsey will lay out what ODs need to know about warm start practices including the advantages and pitfalls to avoid.

Friday at 10:30am

How To Be A Million Dollar Cold Start Practice In Year One


Nikki Iravani, OD


We’ll be discussing how to have a million dollar practice after opening cold in YEAR ONE by focusing on specialty care like dry eye and Lipiflow, ocular aesthetics, and social media and marketing.

Friday at 11:30am

How To Hire an OD If You’ve Been Searching For Over 6 Months Unsuccessfully


Matt Geller, OD | Brett Kestenbaum, PT, DPT


The co-founders of CovalentCareers will lay out the top tips and lessons learned from helping thousands of practice owners hire ODs and what practice owners need to do and consider if they haven’t had success hiring ODs for open positions.

Friday at 2:00pm

How To Run A Practice As a New Grad OD


Aaron Neufeld, OD


Dr. Neufeld will discuss how to successfully manage a practice as a new graduate by focusing on business principles, finances, and marketing.

Saturday at 10:30am

How To Find and Land Your Dream Job


Nishan Pressley, OD


Dr. Nishan Pressley will detail how to find that dream job after graduating from optometry school, including where to find it, and how to ensure you stand out among the other candidates.

Saturday at 11:00am

Graduate. Open Cold. No Need To Waste Time.


Jonathan Tsao, OD


Dr. Tsao will discuss starting cold immediately after graduating including why this is a great time to open, what he’s learned since starting out, and advice to students considering opening a practice of their own.

Saturday at 12:00pm

Co-Management – The Key To The Future?


Sidra Qadri, OD


Co-management is a critical component to many practices, and just might become the way of the future. Learn how to participate in this growing and evolving aspect of our profession when it comes to surgical specialities such as crosslinking, cataract, LASIK, RLE, PRK.

Saturday at 12:30pm

Make Your Practice Stand Out From The Competition


Justin Bazan, OD


Dr. Bazan will lay out the foundations for making your private practice unique, and adding elements to it that not many practice owners think are possible.

Saturday at 1:00pm

Optometry Career Pathways – Executive Leaders Panel

Moderator: Matthew Geller, OD


Weslie Hamada, OD | Senior Director OD Engagement @ Luxottica
Chris Cordero, OD | Director of Doctor Operations @ Visionworks of America
Bill Werner Jr, OD | Director of Professional Services @ National Vision
Allison Brewer Jones, OD | Regional Talent Specialist @ Walmart
Ben Chudner, OD | CMO at Acuity Eyecare
Eric Schmidt, OD | Founding Partner at Keplr Vision
Maurice Wilson, OD | President-elect for the American Association of Corporate Optometrists (AACO)


The goal of this panel is to provide live and online viewers with an inside look at the largest optometric employers in 2019 with a focus on career opportunities, doctor operations, and professional education. The panel’s content aims to help viewers get a first-hand account of the value these companies are bringing to the patients through their doctors.

Career Mentorship and Job Opportunities

covalentVision Expo West will be a great opportunity for new graduates looking for that first job, or any OD looking for new opportunities to demo and learn more about

Vision Expo West could be the PERFECT opportunity to meet and connect with potential employers! Make sure you come prepared to make a great first impression because your future employer might meet you at the booth!

Vision Expo West is our favorite show and a place where all of the leaders in the profession come together. It is a great place to learn a few things, have fun, and make long lasting friendships. We hope to see you at the booth where you can meet some of these key leaders, and maybe find your next big opportunity.

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