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How Optometrists Join Medicare as an Independent Contractor 1099

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Here is a guide on How To Join Medicare as an optometrist. OD Independent contractors on a 1099 status will need to follow these step-by-step instructions.

How Optometrists Join Medicare as an Independent Contractor 1099
Joining Medicare as an optometrist can be one of the most arduous processes new grads will experience; however, it is essential if you wish to submit claims and receive reimbursement for providing care to Medicare patients. This article serves as a guide for those new grads who will be working as Independent Contractors (1099) and submitting claims under themselves and not through another party or under another name or practice (re-assigning benefits).
For example, I work as an independent contractor and provide care to patients at several locations. As an independent contractor, I can personally bill Medicare and receive reimbursements directly from Medicare in the form of an electronic funds transfer.

Here is how to join medicare as an Optometrist Independent Contractor

There are many different forms and applications depending on what kind of provider you are. The application that is required for independent contractors is the CMS 855I which is available for download. This form can be completed by pen and paper or online using the PECOS system.


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Antonio Chirumbolo, OD
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