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Everything You Need to Know About EssilorLuxottica 360

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EssilorLuxottica 360 is designed exclusively for independent eyecare professionals to help practices increase revenue and consumer traffic, and enhance the patient experience.

Everything You Need to Know About EssilorLuxottica 360
As an optometrist in today’s healthcare environment, you’re faced with a number of challenges like reduced patient traffic, a drop in revenue, and evolving patient needs. To adapt to these challenges, a practice needs to blend practice marketing with enhanced patient care in order to ensure you’re not just surviving, but growing. Crafting a strategy to keep practice growth strong in today's environment requires support—not just from inside your practice, but from the greater eyecare community.
Enter EssilorLuxottica 360, a joint program developed by Essilor, Luxottica, and Luxottica's EyeMed to support independent practices working to grow their businesses in challenging times. This program offers digital tools, business analytics, marketing support, and patient experience solutions. With the full power of Essilor and Luxottica behind them, the independent ECP can benefit from increased traffic, capture rates, analytics, insights, and an enhanced patient experience, all generated by the program with the ultimate goal of helping drive practice growth, patient satisfaction, and profitability.

What is EssilorLuxottica 360?

EssilorLuxottica 360 is a new joint commercial program powered by Essilor, Luxottica, and EyeMed. It’s the first of its kind in the U.S. and has been designed exclusively for independent eyecare practitioners, providing a comprehensive solution that will support your practice in driving growth.
EssilorLuxottica 360 can help practices increase traffic, increase visibility and capture rates, and enhance the patient experience—all while enjoying the benefits of access to a world-class supply chain. With the full power of Essilor and Luxottica at your fingertips, you can access the resources needed to rebuild your practice, even in these challenging times.

Core benefits of EssilorLuxottica 360

The core benefits of EssilorLuxottica 360 are focused on several key areas:
  • Increasing traffic and visibility, and improving capture rates. In an increasingly virtual world, optometrists need to focus on their online presence to compete. EssilorLuxottica 360 can help you do that, since every EssilorLuxottica 360 member receives priority access to the new EyeMed Plus Provider Program—giving you all the benefits described below.1
  • Enhancing the patient experience. Today’s consumers are craving a more high-touch, omni-channel patient experience, which is why EssilorLuxottica 360’s suite of digital tools can be such a valuable asset for your practice.
  • Improving practice profitability. You’ll also have access to the EssilorLuxottica 360 team’s business expertise, practice management tools, and staff training to improve the profitability of your practice. This array of offerings can help you and your team make better business decisions that enhance the patient experience and support your bottom line. Training is available both in-office and through a virtual format.

Increasing traffic and visibility

Since patient traffic is critical to every practice, EssilorLuxottica 360 offers tools to help raise the visibility of your practice, target prospective patients, and support the capture of more sales in your store. With Essilor Experts’ prime-time advertising and Smart Shopper, you’ll be able to boost traffic to your website and other benefits.
As an EyeMed Plus Provider, you’ll receive prioritized positioning across locators to help you stand out from the competition so consumers can find the unique EyeMed Plus Program perks you provide—like a higher frame allowance and a zero dollar exam co-pay.

Digital tool access

EssilorLuxottica 360 provides cutting-edge digital tools that maximize your marketing investment by enhancing your social media presence and increasing capture rates once patient traffic arrives on your site.
These digital capabilities include:
  • SmartShopper—which enhances the shopping experience through
    • An “endless aisle” feature that allows the shopper to select from all active assortments in an authorized brand without having to carry inventory.
    • Virtual try-on tools—which provide the consumer with the ability to try on styles that are not in-store to help maximize the sales potential.
    • Product customization options—which are available for Ray-Ban™ and Oakley™ products.
  • Luxottica’s digital screens—which showcase the latest branded content from its patient-preferred brands.
  • Social media and branded content for practice owners—which is optimized with advanced digital marketing tools and built upon a foundation of proven brand recognition.

Practice analytics dashboards

EssilorLuxottica 360 also offers business intelligence dashboards, which include rich frame and lens sale analytics. Armed with this full-picture view of your practice, you’ll be better equipped to identify the opportunities at your fingertips which can support profitability.
These dashboards deliver business intelligence in real-time, allowing you to identify and capture revenue opportunities and track and maximize profitability within your product portfolio.

Access to special commercial terms

In addition to the other outstanding benefits offered by EssilorLuxottica 360, members also enjoy exclusive access to special commercial terms on their Luxottica Frame and Essilor lens purchases. This program is designed to improve your profitability and helps you to jump-start your sell-out commitment with unprecedented commercial offers, such as extended payment terms and additional frame rebates on all Luxottica sales.2
With increased partnership, members also get auto-access to Diamond status in the Luxottica Rewards program, which offers additional commercial offers and a number of service perks.

How to join the program

Although EssilorLuxottica 360’s attractive benefits would be a boon for any eyecare practice, this program is exclusively offered to independent doctors and opticians. You can learn how to join the program by visiting the EssilorLuxottica 360 website or by contacting your Essilor account executive or Luxottica sales consultant.

*Disclaimers: To qualify for this program, you need to be an Essilor Expert or Essilor Partners member, and you must meet a sell-out quota on frame products.

  1. Access to EyeMed PLUS Provider Program requires EyeMed application, meeting program conditions and requirements and acceptance of program terms.
  2. Excludes Ray-Ban Sun, Oakley Sun, Costa Sun, Chanel, Persol, and Oliver Peoples. This rebate is separate, and in addition to, any Luxottica Rewards rebates that an Eligible Practice may receive. Rebate paid on net sales of the quarter of compliance.
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