Crizal® Rock™ and a Day In the Life of a Pair of Glasses

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For optimal clarity of vision, UV protection, and lens durability, you should choose Crizal® Rock™. This article proves precisely why!

Did you know Essilor recently launched their most durable no-glare lens? Crizal® Rock™ has arrived. With other glasses, your lenses quickly became scratched, smudged, and permanently damaged with the wear and tear we put them through. But with Crizal Rock, you can rest assured that Essilor’s got you covered. Studies show that three out of four people wipe their lenses on their clothes, towels, or tissues; and one in three admit to not using a protective case for their glasses.1 As a result, Essilor has created a no-glare lens with the best combination of scratch and smudge resistance,2 excellent clarity of vision with reduced glare, and optimal protection against UV light.3
Think of a typical day in the life of a pair of glasses and everything we put them through, and you’ll know just why this lens is a game changer!

Saving (what goes on our patient’s) face

As an optometrist, one of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “Is there any way to get scratches off my lenses?” The answer is, unfortunately, no. That’s why ninety-three percent of glasses wearers consider scratch-resistance an important characteristic when choosing lenses.4 Rather than let our patients get frustrated by damaged lenses that degrade their vision, why not recommend the best in lens durability on the market? That is why Essilor created the new Crizal Rock no-glare lenses.
To create this lens, multiple layers are integrated and combined onto the substrate material of the lens. These lenses get their durability from Essilor’s High-Resistance Technology™ which is composed of four specific oxides known to resist scratches, dust, and dirt. Not only are these lenses extremely resistant to scratches, they are also easy to clean. This is achieved through anti-particulate and superhydrophobic topcoat layers. The anti-particulate layer can repel dust and particulates to keep lenses cleaner, longer. The superhydrophobic topcoat repels smudges and water, making the lenses easier to clean.
To test the durability of this lens, Essilor had a third party put the lenses through a battery of testing including, a sand resistance test, where lenses are covered in sand and shaken 300 times, and a torture test, where lenses are put through a variety of common day-to-day activities, like dropping glasses, shaking them in a bag without a case and cleaning them with a variety of materials.
These results showed that Crizal Rock lenses are 3x more scratch-resistant than entry level Crizal® lenses.2 Additionally, they are 2x easier to clean than competitors.5 These lenses were undamaged after being subjected to drop tests, improper cleaning, and placed unprotected in loaded purses to be jumbled and shaken.
Crizal Rock lenses are unparalleled in scratch and smudge resistance, clarity of vision as well as optimal UV protection including protection from backside UV reflections. Independent third parties all certified that based on the results of these tests Crizal Rock lenses are the most scratch-resistant Crizal No-Glare lenses ever made.6

As if that wasn’t enough, all Crizal lenses also come backed by a two-year warranty.

Essilor works hard to create lens technology to meet glasses wearers’ needs and that is exactly what has driven the development of the Crizal Rock lens, the most durable, scratch and smudge resistant lens available. Even the most careful lens wearers will accidentally damage their lenses in some way and these lenses can really add longevity to a pair of glasses. For optimal clarity of vision, UV protection, and lens durability, choose Crizal Rock.


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Kristin White, OD
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Dr. Kristin White is a graduate of the New England College of Optometry. She is residency trained in community health optometry. Dr. White has a strong passion for providing eye care where it is most needed and has provided care on international clinics in Central and South America, on an Indian Reservation in New Mexico and in underserved communities in Boston, California and presently, South Carolina. She has helped open 2 optometry departments within community health centers and provided consulting on the topic for numerous others.

Dr. White has lectured on the topic of creating optometry departments within community health centers through collaboration with the National Association of Community Health Centers, Prevent Blindness America and the Association of Clinicians for the Underserved. She serves as co-chair of the Association of Clinicians for the Underserved Vision Services Committee. Dr. White is available for consulting for community health centers interested in opening or expanding optometry services.

Kristin White, OD
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