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All Things Glaucoma with OCT - Webinar

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Ready to learn about glaucoma? Check out this webinar with Murray Fingeret, OD and Michael Chaglasian, OD!

All Things Glaucoma with OCT - Webinar

ZEISS hosted a webinar dedicated to understanding optical coherence tomography (OCT) and its ever-advancing role in the treatment and management of glaucoma.

This webinar was led by two of the most reputable glaucoma experts in optometry: Murray Fingeret, OD and Michael Chaglasian, OD.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Top 3 OCT features that are key to managing glaucoma ​
  • Critical things to look for on OCT when managing glaucoma patients
  • Key considerations for adopting OCT technology in your practice
  • How to leverage wellness reports for quick review and patient education
  • The power of integrated diagnostic and its role in workflow and enhanced patient review
Drs. Fingeret and Chaglasian presented case studies along with a Q&A discussion.
This webinar delivered key clinical insights into the role of OCT in glaucoma management, uncovering the nuts and bolts of understanding and interpreting OCT, and teaching you how to utilize this technology to its full potential. Additionally, learn how the latest advancements in CIRRUS OCT and integrated diagnostic imaging solutions from ZEISS can help shape the future of your practice.
*Be sure to check out other ZEISS webinars designed to educate and equip ECPs on the optimal use of OCT including retinal applications, and stay tuned for other webinars forthcoming.
There is an increasing amount of pressure on optometrists to play a substantial role in the medical management of glaucoma, and having the proper tools and knowledge is absolutely critical in effectively managing the nearly 80 million people affected by this disease.1
There are many challenges inherent with managing glaucoma. Some of these challenges include understanding:
  • When to start treatment
  • If glaucoma has progressed and if this progression is clinically significant
  • Is referral for surgical intervention warranted
OCT, which was first introduced by ZEISS, has become an indispensable tool in giving optometrists the ability to meet these challenges. ZEISS, as a leader in ophthalmic diagnostics and the global leader in glaucoma management solutions continues to push the envelope to develop advanced resources for eyecare professionals managing glaucoma with their suite of products like CIRRUS OCT, HFA3, CLARUS 500, and integrated diagnostics solutions enabling clinicians to provide cutting edge care.
If you are a practice owner looking to expand into the space of glaucoma management, or a clinician looking to equip yourself to make better decisions surrounding glaucoma patients and glaucoma suspects, OCT likely is a critical part of your workflow. Learning how to leverage this tool to and its marked capabilities is a critical element in successfully managing these patients.
With the number of patients with glaucoma only increasing, glaucoma management presents a huge opportunity for practices to grow. With the proper technology and knowledge, the optometric practice can be equipped to not just diagnose these patients, but manage them rather than referring them out. The ZEISS platform offers a complete range of solutions to make this happen.
  1. Fingeret M. Optometric Clinical Practice Guideline: Care of the Patient with Open Angle Glaucoma. In: AOA, ed2010.
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Antonio Chirumbolo, OD
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