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Nov 8, 2016
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If you ask an eyecare professional about sunglasses, they most likely will tell you they only wear polarized lenses.

Do all of your patients wear polarized sunglasses? Are they aware of how much better the vision is with polarized lenses?

Xperio UV™ allows one to view the world with sharp outdoor color perception and glare elimination. Xperio UV lenses provide maximum UV protection to your patients, are scratch resistant and easy to clean.

All of these features are important for patients with active lifestyles!

How do Xperio UV™ lenses work?

Xperio UV™ lenses have 6 layers for providing excellent vision and protection from the sun.

tinted sunglasses

  • Water-repellent layer: repels oil, smudges, and water
  • Scratch resistant layer
  • Polarized film
  • UV protection
  • Anti-particulate layer: repels dust and dirt
  • Scratch-resistant booster layer: provides additional scratch resistance

  • How do Xperio UV™ lenses protect against damage from the sun?

    These lenses protect your eyes from UV due to a special UV protection layer that provides the maximum UV protection and keeps the eyes safe from harmful effects of UV.

    view through xperio uv lens

    The harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) light on the eyes have been studied and identified for a very long time. There is concrete evidence that demonstrates and highlights the harmful effects of UV light on the eyes.

    It is known that UV exposure can exacerbate and lead to the development of cataract formation and anterior segment pathology such as photokeratitis (1,2).

    Interestingly enough, 40% of all UV exposure occurs when one is not in direct sunlight (xperiouvusa.com).

    What makes Essilor's Xperio lenses superior to other polarized lenses?

    Polarized lenses can enhance vision during many activities and sports. For those activities, durable lenses are essential!

    Xperio lenses provide protection on both surfaces of the lens. The lenses have an extra layer of scratch resistance on both sides that provide increased durability and longevity of lenses. The lenses also have an anti-particulate layer to repeal dust and dirt. This keeps your lenses clean and clear which is extremely important!

    Who can benefit from these lenses?

    • Snow-skiers, boaters, fishermen, golfers
    • Truck drivers
    • Those who ride motorcycles
    • Children, teenagers, college students
    • Commuters
    • Athletes

    Essentially, everyone can benefit from this lens technology as everyone can benefit from UV protection.

    It is imperative to start protecting the eyes early on in life as the harmful effects of UV exposure are cumulative and happen over time. Children and teens are in the age demographic that is most susceptible to UV penetration, so these patients can benefit even more from an ocular health standpoint.

    What are the benefits of Xperio UV polarized lenses over tinted lenses?

    1. Sharp outdoor color perception
    2. Glare Elimination
    3. Clarity of Vision
    4. Reduced eye strain
    5. Maximum UV protection

    As eyecare professionals, we are committed to providing the most crisp vision while emphasizing and maintaining a healthy eyes for our patients.

    Xperio UV™ lenses combine the best in technology to meet the demands for our active patients.


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    (2) Taylor HR, West S, Muñoz B, et al. The long-term effects of visible light on the eye. Arch Ophthalmology. 1992 Jan;110(1):99-104.

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