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Dec 4, 2019
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As an optometrist, you know that visuals play a huge role in how we perceive the world. Your optometry office design should be reflective of this—an aesthetically pleasing practice makes for a better patient experience!

We asked our readers to share photos of their awe-inspiring optometry office designs, and they delivered! Whether you're opening a cold-start or you're simply looking to revamp an existing space, take a look at these pictures to get all the interior design inspiration you'll need.

Chic and eclectic: Autarchic Spec Shop

Set in the heart of Charlotte, NC, this chic spec shop offers a boutique shopping experience for independent and high-end frame lines.


Vibrant, eclectic decor complements an otherwise neutral color scheme to highlight the merchandise. Plenty of natural lighting, along with funky light fixtures, add to the ambiance.


"Our patient base is primarily millennials, and the unique design sets us apart as a destination optical. The cozy environment is one I’d hope they would like to shop in," states Courtney Dryer, OD. "We sell many independent frame lines and luxury brands, and the environment, as well as frame lines, reflect our choice to be independent."


Neutral and bright: Baldwin Park Eye Care

Clean and bright, this eyecare center in Orlando, FL boasts a neutral color scheme accented by Mid-century Modern furniture.

baldwin park_optical.jpg

"Keeping our decor pieces to a minimum allowed us to use negative space and bright whites to create a visually appealing yet calm environment," describes Aliasghar Jagani, O.D. These occasional pops of color prevent the overall appearance from becoming cluttered and allow the focal point to truly shine.

baldwin park_waiting room.jpeg

The built-in welcome desk, designed specifically for the space, serves as a nicely integrated focal point. The size of the desk and its numerous storage spaces make it a highly functional piece that also functions as a centerpiece for the room.

baldwin park_front desk.jpg

Spacious and modern: Prairie Eye Care

A bright, airy decor scheme accents this spacious practice in Winnipeg. When it came to choosing the layout, "we tried to think like our patients," the owners explained. "What do they need? What would they ask for if they were to design the office? How enjoyable is the experience when they visit us, and how could we improve it for them? At the end of the day, the patient’s comfort and enjoyment of the experience is key."


The circle motif, as seen on the wall accents, is also reflected in the light fixtures and the rounded ceiling above the front desk, subtly tying everything together.


Pops of orange and blue accent the otherwise minimalist color scheme to add visual appeal. Plenty of seating means that patients are always comfortable during every stage of their visit.


Rustic and contemporary: Resolution Eye Care

Located in Austin, TX, this contemporary space features a rustic color palette while maintaining a modern, current feel. "This theme is consistent in our logo design, suspended/recessed lighting, and material choices," describes Wilson Hung, OD.

resolution_waiting room.png

Patients enjoy a modern and organic environment that allows them to focus on the frame styling experience.


The neutral color palette highlights the frames and other merchandise. The wood accents prevent the white-based color scheme from feeling too sterile, while the minimalistic styling still conveys the cleanliness that is so important in any medical space.

Resolution-front desk.jpg

Pops of color: Lyons Family Eye Care

This Chicago practice features just enough color to create a unique visual experience while balancing it out with plenty of white and neutrals. Quirky light fixtures offer both function and fun.

lyons_front desk.jpg

Plenty of seating ensures client comfort, and the Mid-century Modern furniture pays homage to the orange walls to create a space that feels vibrant and well-thought-out. "Our orange accent color is my favorite design element of our office," states Stephanie Lyons, OD. "We've found unique ways to incorporate it throughout our space and we've found it leaves a lasting impression on our patients."


Clean and crisp: Catonsville Eye Group

Opting for a crisp, clean look, this practice in Catonsville, MD incorporates plenty of whites and grays. "The front reception desk is my favorite design element," says Lauren Caplan, OD. "We designed it with the contractor and wanted it to be a focal point in the office.  It is also lower than our older one and allows us to see the whole office while seated."

catonsville_front desk.jpg

Lucite chairs, natural lighting, and carefully placed light fixtures uphold the clean, bright motif and allow for an open feel. The frames are also displayed in well-lit areas to offer a better shopping experience.


Homey and upscale: Vision Clinic

The stone accent wall of this practice in Springfield, MO acts as a natural focal point for the front desk. Patients are visually drawn to this part of the practice, and knowing where to go upon entering makes for a more seamless patient experience. The space provides an upscale retail experience while remaining clean, professional, and inviting, describes the owner.


A darker color scheme means that this practice uses plenty of natural and artificial lighting to maintain a bright, well-lit feel. Unique light fixtures act as functional design elements.


Glass walls with slatted wood overlays maintain privacy while allowing light to travel from room to room.


Photos by Mark Farbin Photography.

"Tis the season: Dougherty Laser Vision

This practice in Westlake Village, CA adds festive holiday decorations! It can be fun to add seasonal centerpieces to areas like the waiting room and reception desk. These easy-to-incorporate design elements add visual appeal and holiday cheer—which can be especially comforting for patients who might be feeling nervous.


The decor adds holiday cheer without disrupting the neutral color scheme. "No touch is too small or unimportant to us; if it will help deliver a better patient outcome and/or places our patients at ease, we are committed to incorporating it into our practice design," state Renata Stone (CEO of Dougherty Laser Vision), Sidra Qadri OD, and Jose Preza (Director of Operations). Switch it up with the seasons and watch your patients' faces light up!

Dougherty_front desk.JPG

Inspired by these optometry office designs?

It's up to you to consider your patient demographic and the overall "feel" you want your practice to have. Figuring this out will be a huge help in deciding which design elements to incorporate into your practice revamp!

Which design was your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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