Top 20 Memes for Eyecare Professionals

Jul 19, 2021
1 min read

1) They know things got real when that 20/15 shows up.

Eye doctor: read the last line for me - Me: image of a young man with narrowed eyes and a skeptical expression

2) Some of the I&R patients deserve trophies after their efforts.

When you're finished teaching them insertion and removal - Patient: meme of crying cat giving a thumbs up gesture

3) We all know these types of headaches.

Meme 3.png

But the binocular vision clinic hits different:

Meme 3-B.png

4) Foxtrot, Zulu, Bravo, Delta, Echo.

Meme 4.png

5) And when you bring them in, they are still not dilated.

Meme 5.png

6) She sees just enough.

Meme 6.png

7) Patient stories are just never-ending.

Meme 7.png

8) This is for all of us with glasses.

Meme 8.png

9) Even while wearing a mask.

Meme 9.png

10) Oh, I got the stigma!

Meme 10.png

11) First of all, I asked for YOUR family.

Meme 11.png

12) As soon as lunch begins...

Meme 12.png

13) Referred. Bye.

Meme 13.png

14) Meanwhile, panic in ED.

Meme 14.png

15) And that will be $120.

Meme 15.png

16) Proven cure. Don’t forget warm compresses BID OU.

Meme 16.png

17) Wait, what is the A/V ratio?

Meme 17.png

18) Let’s not even get into “do you ever get red eyes.”

Meme 18.png

19) There goes the bag.