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Top 10 Eyecare Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Building your social media presence can be daunting, but take some tips from these social media masters to get started right!

Top 10 Eyecare Instagram Accounts to Follow
There's no denying that social media is huge! Instagram is one of the most actively used apps in the world, with over 2.3 billion users. Influencers in every niche are finding their Instagram communities, and eyecare is rapidly growing in the world of social media. There are a multitude of eyecare-related Instagram accounts focused on every topic under the sun, from optical and fashion to clinical cases and optometry student life. Here are my top ten eyecare-related accounts that are worth checking out right now!

1. @glamoptometrist | 49.5k followers

First started in 2015 by Dr. Arian Fartash, OD this is the OG of all eye doctor Instagram accounts. @glamoptometrist is an elegantly curated spread of eye manicures, baby pics, gorgeous eyewear, and glam fashion. Dr. Fartash is the perfect example of the potential a well managed Instagram account can have to grow your career beyond standard patient care. She has used her platform to become one of the go-to optometry lecturers about social media, has developed a number of industry relationships, and even started her own baby eyewear brand @officialglambaby!

2. @oaklandvisioncenter | 12.8k followers

Hands down this is the best optometry practice Instagram account out there. Dr. Tanya Gill, OD is an expert at using social media to market her practice by posting rad photos featuring her staff and office pups that engage her patients and local community. She loves to share her tips and tricks on how to maximize social media by regularly contributing to a number of optometry publications. Not sure what to post on your practice’s account? Come here for tons of ideas!

3. @defocusmedia | 2k followers

Created by early adopters Drs. Darryl Glover, OD and Jenn Lyerly, OD, Defocus Media is the first true optometry media company focused on sharing the latest in social media marketing. They produce a number of superb optometry podcasts that allow ODs to keep up on current trends in news, trends, tech, product launches, and social media. Follow their account for updates on new podcast episodes and the latest in the world of optometry.

4. @2020glance | 7.8k followers

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The first job I took out of residency was not ideal. It was a bad fit for me professionally and I knew that going in but there were no other jobs in the area and my student loans were coming so I took it. I eventually landed into an amazing practice a year later. Finding your 🌈perfect job🌈 isn’t easy but here are my tips on how I navigated my way: 1️⃣ This is a bad first tip but sometimes you have to take a job you don’t want first. Know it's not permanent, it's a stepping stone to your next thing. In my case, the area was saturated and I had no other options but I did learn what I wanted in a job. I learned how many patients I thought was acceptable to see an hour, what was worth comprising and what wasn't. This is not something you totally understand when you're in training but is useful to figure out so you don't end up in a similar situation for your next job. 2️⃣ Tell everyone what you want. I ended up finding the job I loved through a friends friend. I didn’t know this person and I don’t remember her name but were we at a party and our mutual friend introduced us because we were both optometrists. I vented about my current situation and she spoke up about this job that she got an email for but lived one state over and wasn’t interested. That right there is what I like to call fate. 3️⃣ Be helpful. I was hired at my at my second job but only part-time and I really needed full-time work. I also really wanted to make a good impression so I would do anything to help out. Do you need help with your website? I’ll do it. Social media? I got it! Set up everyone’s health grade accounts? Sure! Literally I would do anything to show my worth and I was not above doing any job. Eventually (again fate) a full-time position opened and in I went! 👍 Finding a good fit can take time but getting into the right job makes your life so much more enjoyable! I was lucky enough to find another great job when I moved to a different city ( hi @envisionboston ❤️ ) so know there are good ones out there! 🙌

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Can’t ever manage to actually read all your Review of Optometry issues? @2020glance is the perfect way to keep up on new developments in the industry. Created by Dr. Jaclyn Garlich, OD this is the Instagram version of her popular weekly email with easily digestible snippets of clinically relevant optometry news. Her account makes staying on top of the latest research in eyecare effortless; you don't have to wade through a heap of journal articles everyday.

5. @drbridgitte | 49k followers

Dr. Bridgitte Shen Lee, OD is the definition of a #girlboss, and her Instagram account is a peek into her very busy and multifaceted life. She shares a mix of career-related events and accomplishments as well as personal photos of her family and some fun travel pictures from the international Continuing Education courses that she hosts!

6. @brooklyneyecenter | 14.3k followers

"I can't post things that are clinically relevant out of Instagram..." Wrong!. There are a multitude of accounts devoted almost entirely to sharing clinical cases and pathology complete with some of the best retinal and anterior seg photography I've ever seen. Dr. Robert Geig, MD of Brooklyn Eye Centers is a favorite with consistently high-quality images and interesting cases. Their account provides an excellent way to keep learning once your school days are over.

7. @thetravelingod | 10.6k followers

With this account Dr. Will To, OD presents a glimpse into his day to day life as a practicing OD and lecturer. This is easily one of the most approachable accounts on Instagram. Follow his page to keep up with his exploits traveling to optometry schools all around the country and sharing his experiences with current students and ODs alike. Who knows how many miles he’s already racked up in 2019?

8. @eyeaholic | 4.2k followers

If you're looking for something eyecatching, then check out @eyeaholic, created by Dr. Amanda Setto, OD. She's curated an account for “all things eye," a visually stunning account full of fun eye imagery and products you can actually buy! Her page is always a treat to scroll through; this is the place to go to find your next favorite eye-related bauble.

9. @goddessofoptix | 10.4k followers

We can’t forget eyewear! Optician Autianna Wilson is always at the forefront of the newest eyewear trends and shares a plethora of photos of her favorite frames. Plus you get a peek into her unique personal style including makeup and beauty tips (that are always spot on). Her captions are hilarious, and she is never afraid to say exactly what she’s thinking.

10. @overheardoptometry | 11k followers

Optometry’s version of “patients say the darndest things.” Tune into this account for a share of some optometry-related laughs. Elvira Derhovsepian has curated the most eye roll-inducing and truly ridiculous collection of overheard stories from practices and clinics all over the world. Send her your own overheard patient comments and you might get featured!

Even more great optometry Instagram accounts to follow:

  1. @futureoptometrist — Tyler Mathenia
  2. @eyesonnish — Dr. Nish, who also runs @AskDrNish
  3. @Optoturban — Dr. Jasdeep Singh Soni and the Optoturban podcast
  4. @eyeseitz — Dr. Emilie Seitz
  5. @kt.opt — Khanh Ton
  6. @drcindyshan — Cindy Shan
  7. @dradamramsey — Dr. Adam Ramsey
  8. @thephotometrist — Vady Khalil
  9. @dr.chinnchinn — Jennifer Chinn
Do you have an optometry-related Instagram account? Do you have any favorites that we didn't list here? Follow @newgradoptometry and @covalentcareers today and let us know what eyecare accounts you love to follow!
Sathi Maiti, OD
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Sathi Maiti, OD is an ocular surface disease fellow at the Periman Eye Institute and primary care optometrist in Seattle, WA. She is a sub-investigator of a number of clinical trials related to dry eye and ocular surface disease. She graduated from the UC Berkeley School of Optometry in 2014 where she studied endothelial cell traits as a NEI research trainee and taught undergraduates human anatomy as a graduate student instructor. She is passionate about issues regarding social justice and is a member of the Optometric Physicians of Washington’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Access taskforce. She volunteers her optometric skills extensively through local organizations like Public Health Reserve Corp, Uplift Northwest, Seattle/King County Clinic, and VOSH-NW. She particularly values education and mentorship, and mentors local high school students interested in eye care through Project InSight. In her free time, she loves to play with her pup Kali, draw, crochet, and embroider, and share her love for all things eyeball-related on her optometry instagram account, follow her at @dr.maitiseyeballsandstuff!

Sathi Maiti, OD
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