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A Personalized Plan for Your Dry Eye Patients

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In this session from Eyes On Dry Eye, learn how MYZE can offer your dry eye patients daily routines to help them stay on track with at-home treatments.

Offer your dry eye patients a personalized plan

For many dry eye patients, staying compliant with daily practices can be as important as the treatments they receive in your office. And yet, this is one of the most difficult aspects for eyecare professionals to control. No matter how many times you advise a patient to take Omega-3 supplements, apply warm compresses, and use their drops, whether they listen or not is out of your hands—until now.
MYZE is a one-stop eyecare resource that enables you to provide personalized eyecare routines for your patients that they can track, follow, and fulfill. You recommend a daily routine for them, and MYZE allows them to purchase the necessary products, receive daily reminders, and access curated dry eye resources.
“Our motto at MYZE is ‘Seize the Daily,’” said Lisa Hornick, OD, FAAO. “What that means is that we want to make daily eyecare part of daily self-care and help you use that for greater practice success. We know that the burden of eyecare is escalating daily for most optometrists and ophthalmologists, and we want to make their lives a bit easier.”
Dr. Hornick acknowledged that it’s common for patients to stick to a dry eye protocol for days or weeks, but that at-home compliance isn’t always as consistent as it could be. Often patients find it too complicated or confusing. Alternatively, they might run out of product, not order more, and break their good habits with inaction.

The dry eye market is worth $5 billion

According to Dr. Hornick, the dry eye market was worth about $2.9 billion in 2020 and has expanded to about $5 billion today—with projections of another $3 billion in growth by 2030. While this can seem promising for dry eye practices, patients are feeling the economic burden of dry eye. A study in 2011 estimated that patients with mild dry eye spend almost $700 per year on treatments while patients with more moderate or severe dry eye can spend upwards of $1,000 a year, to say nothing of indirect costs that include a loss of productivity.

As easy as brushing their teeth

“The best thing we can do for dry eye patients is to make their daily eye care hygiene regimen as easy as brushing their teeth or washing their face,” said Dr. Hornick. “We all have a skincare regimen we follow every day. We all brush our hair. What makes MYZE unique is that it promotes eyecare to a prominent role in everyone's daily self-care routine.”
Edmund P. Farris, MD and Chief Medical Officer at MYZE said, “What MYZE offers patients are simplified daily routines and products sourced from some of the best companies in the eye health space. The products are chosen by myself and our team and vetted by our world-class ophthalmic and optometric advisory boards. Blindness happens to be the second most feared medical diagnosis next to cancer. Yet in our everyday lives, we take our eyes for granted and we don't do the simple things to take care of them—which is why MYZE was born.”

How does MYZE work for doctors?

Whether you have elderly patients ready for cataract surgery, blepharitis or demodex sufferers, athletes impacted by cold, dry air, contact lens wearers blinking less because of digital device use, or pediatric patients already exhibiting signs of dry eye disease, MYZE can benefit all your dry eye treatment protocols.
“Eyecare professionals are incredibly busy,” said Dr. Hornick. “MYZE can help you educate patients as well as unlock access to the exact products you recommend for each patient. We know one size doesn’t fit all, and want to make it easier for all eyecare professionals to offer customized treatment plans.”
Once eyecare professionals sign up for the platform, they receive a personalized QR code and URL that attaches them to the MYZE platform. Optometrists and ophthalmologists also receive a dedicated virtual storefront that can be stocked with pre-packaged routines or personally selected dry eye products.
“What we do then, that differentiates us from anyone else,” said Dr. Farris, “we will provide ongoing support to your patients to ensure compliance with the personalized routines  you prescribe for them.  And, we will track and monitor the ongoing eye health of your patients so when they come back for follow up appointments, you have behavioral data to reference.”
Eyecare providers can go onto the MYZE platform, select products, and hand a patient a tear sheet so they know exactly what they need to support their eye health. Products are competitively priced and are shipped directly to the patient.  Myze partners with select products and companies to avoid the decision fatigue and paralysis that often happens at other retail and online outlets.
Additionally, doctors don’t have to source or stock products, worry about inventory management, or worry about loss of product or expiration dates. Easy-to-use tear sheets enable patients to scan a QR code to easily get all of the products you recommend delivered to them.

What is the MYZE app?

MYZE has an app in development that will allow eyecare professionals to track and monitor patient compliance, set goals, provide habit tracking, and monitor their success. It will include simple interactions like asking the patient how their eyes feel on a daily basis, what the temperature and humidity is in their area, or what the pollen count is. This app will be able to inform the doctor when they may be falling off of their regimen or need a follow-up visit.

What does MYZE offer patients?

For dry eye sufferers who enter the site looking for resources, MYZE can direct them to a partner doctor in their area—offering participating doctors with complimentary marketing services.
Patients can also access educational videos on topics like:
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Eye drops
  • Eye health
  • Contact lenses
  • Eyeglasses
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • And more
Learn more about what MYZE can do for your practice.
Lisa Hornick, OD, FAAO
About Lisa Hornick, OD, FAAO

Dr. Lisa Hornick has over 20 years of clinical experience and currently practices at Stanford Ranch Optometry in Rocklin, CA. She received her doctorate in optometry from the Southern California College of Optometry where she attended on a US Navy scholarship. Dr. Hornick is therapeutics- and glaucoma-certified and is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. She is a Sacramento Valley Optometric Association board member, currently serving as treasurer and President-elect. She practices full-scope optometry and is especially passionate about treating ocular surface and dry eye disease. Dr. Hornick has lectured on dry eye disease nationwide and in Canada. She has many published articles on the topics of dry eye disease, nutrition and glaucoma.

Lisa Hornick, OD, FAAO
Edmund P. Farris, MD
About Edmund P. Farris, MD

Edmund P. Farris, M.D. is a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist who has been in practice since 1997. Dr. Farris received his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and his medical degree from The Medical College of Ohio, where he was named to the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. He then completed his ophthalmology residency at New York Medical College where he served as chief resident. This was followed by a glaucoma fellowship at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Dr. Farris has also become a dry eye specialist after experiencing severe dry eye himself. He is proud to offer the latest therapeutic and procedural treatments for dry eye disorders in his practice and here with MYZE. As Chief Medical Officer of MYZE, he is responsible for the scientific and therapeutic modalities to be offered. Dr. Farris, a Fellow of The American Academy of Ophthalmology and The American Glaucoma Society, has served as the Director of Services at Metropolitan Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, and the Manhattan VA. He holds the title of Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at Mount Sinai Medical School and has helped train over two hundred resident ophthalmologists and fellows.

Dr. Farris has lectured worldwide on numerous topics and his scientific papers have been published in national and international journals. He is a consultant to major ophthalmic pharmaceutical and surgical companies, helping to further advance the medical and surgical treatment of eye disease.

Edmund P. Farris, MD
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