NewGradOptometry Moves to CovalentCareers

Dec 15, 2019
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San Diego, California – December 16, 2019 – (“NewGradOptometry”), an online publication for new optometrists, has migrated its content and media to ("CovalentCareers").

Founded in 2013, NewGradOptometry published articles, interviews, clinical resources, and guides for an audience of new optometrists. CovalentCareers, founded in 2015 as a career development company for new healthcare professionals and the largest provider of eyecare career resources, acquired NewGradOptometry in May 2018 but ran the site as a separate brand and publication until December 2019.

As of December 16th, 2019, all NewGradOptometry resources will be available at

CovalentCareers features a custom-built content platform where users can craft their own experience based on their interests, clinical focus, and desired content format. The 850-plus articles, videos, guides, industry reports, and ebooks published on NewGradOptometry and CovalentCareers Resources will be easily discoverable within the CovalentCareers | Eyecare ecosystem. Additionally, the website is the leading online platform for optometrists, opticians, and technicians to find jobs and for eyecare practices to hire talent.

“For the last five years we operated both sites simultaneously and it became clear that for the most part, they had the same mission, vision, and goals. It made sense to combine the sites into a single ecosystem in order to provide our readers and members with a simple and streamlined experience rather than needing to switch between two websites,” said Dr. Matt Geller, OD, CEO of CovalentCareers and founder of NewGradOptometry. “The team working on CovalentCareers | Eyecare is the same team that worked on NewGradOptometry, so we can ensure that same level of quality and value for optometrists.”

The leadership at CovalentCareers has plans to enhance their focus on the new graduate optometrist through new content, media, and web tools in 2020 and beyond.

Readers can learn more about the migration by visiting


CovalentCareers, Inc

Founded in January 2015, CovalentCareers is a career development company that offers scalable talent acquisition and staffing solutions to healthcare employers, and job placements, education, and mentorship to new healthcare professionals. CovalentCareers also provides large-scale inbound marketing and advertising solutions to enterprise clients looking for boutique media management services through a network of healthcare influencers.

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