NBEO Part I (Applied Basic Science) Printable Study Schedule

Feb 12, 2020
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We’re coming down the home stretch, future optometrists!

That’s right—the NBEO Part 1 is right around the corner. For these last few weeks before the exam, we’ve put together a study schedule to help you make the most of these final days!

This handy-dandy NBEO study schedule is meant to help guide your studying in the weeks leading to the exam. It's inspired by bullet journaling and habit tracking methods—not to mention the student bloggers and #studygram extraordinaires of Instagram! It’s designed to work in tandem with any of the well-known NBEO study courses, or even if you’re studying on your own.

Here are some ways to use this printable study schedule:

  • Paste it into your bullet journal for the ultimate #studyspo
  • Hang it up on your wall, your closet door, your bathroom mirror—wherever you’ll see it! (Ok, maybe not the last one ;) )
  • Stick it in the front of your binder so you’ll always be able to check your schedule

Feeling motivated? Post a picture of your study schedule on Instagram using #covalentcareers_studies and tag @covalentcareers.optometry for the chance to be featured! 📸

Tips for studying for the NBEO Part 1 (with the study schedule)

When you take your first practice exam, write down your score and focus your studying on the questions and topics you missed or were weakest on. Focus on one area each day—there’s a lot of ground to cover, but breaking it down into bite-sized chunks will help you stay on task and motivated.

Don’t forget to keep taking those practice questions—quizzing yourself will help you retain that knowledge!

Review your strong points before taking your second practice exam. When you take your practice exams, make sure to track your scores and points of weakness! That way you’ll know where to focus and spend your valuable time.

What’s the best way to study? We’re big fans of the Pomodoro technique, which separates tasks into 25-minute increments separated by short breaks

How long do you study for NBEO Part 1?

Let’s be real: you’ve been studying for the NBEO since you started optometry school. This exam is the first of your final steps to becoming an eye doctor, and by this point, you know whether or not you can handle it.

Start your review at least three weeks before exam day. By this time, you’ve likely completed the study courses—KMK and OptoPrep being the big ones—or at least started them. Whether you’re studying with the courses or using other resources, make sure to use the practice questions! Don’t save them up; you’ll learn more by quizzing yourself than you will by taking them all at once.

If you’re using the courses, many will have their own study schedule—feel free to retrofit our download to match!

You may be tempted to study the night before boards. Don’t do this! Pack your lunch, pack your bag, and set out your clothes—and then try to turn off your brain. Do some puzzles, watch some silly YouTube videos, and eat a good dinner. Go to the gym or take your dog for a run, and go to bed early! All of this will put you in the best frame of mind for test day.

Studying for the NBEO can seem like a daunting task, but just remember: none of this is new information. You’ve been preparing for this for two and a half years. You got this! 👏

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