National Vision: Through the Eyes of the CEO and Affiliated Optometrists

Jul 20, 2017
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A career in corporate optometry is all about making a positive impact on the lives of patients, with a network of support behind you, empowering you to do so.

Optometrists who are part of our team – the National Vision Doctor of Optometry network – are outfitted for the opportunity to serve others, especially those who wouldn’t otherwise receive quality eye care.

Our streamlined business and philanthropic opportunities combine to bring optometrists the best in career fulfillment; providing patients with affordable and thorough optometry services while having a steady, solid income is achievable with us.

About National Vision

Optometrists know that vision is not a luxury but a medical necessity, and at National Vision, we believe that everyone deserves to have access to quality, affordable care.

When considering a career with us, eye care professionals don’t have to sacrifice their decision-making ability, income, or service-oriented motivations for pursuing optometry. In fact, as part of our team, optometrists can ease the burden of school loans while practicing how they want to practice—all while meeting the needs of our diverse patient base.

National Vision has something for everyone when it comes to modes of practice.

For young optometrists getting a start in the industry, or simply anyone looking to focus solely on patient care, we offer employed models.

For those optometrists with an entrepreneurial spirit, becoming a leaseholder is an option. A lease is a great way to go for optometrists coming out of school who are interested in private practice, but aren’t quite ready to take it on. It gives doctors the opportunity to have a personal stake in their own practices’ day-to-day flow, but with a full support staff managing the optical.

Speaking of support staff, National Vision equips all offices, regardless of mode of practice, with a receptionist, a VA technician, opticians, a contact lens manager, an assistant office manager and an office manager.

What’s more, support from National Vision extends beyond the office as well, with local mentor doctors, district managers, regional managers and an entire department at the retail support center serving as a network of professionals at the ready to lend a hand. As a member of our network, you aren’t isolated in an exam lane – you are part of a community.

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In this beautifully illustrated eBook, you'll find commentary and resources that will help you understand the career options, growth opportunities, and a typical workday for ODs practicing within the National Vision Doctor of Optometry network.

Being part of our network, optometrists get the benefit of being supported by a seasoned corporate optometry organization; we take care of the details so our optometrists can do what they do best: provide top-notch quality primary eye care to those who would otherwise go without.

Patients cared for by National Vision affiliated optometrists are diverse in background, and our doctors enjoy the autonomy to make diagnostic, care, and referral decisions to best meet each patient’s individual needs. For those optometrists without a built-up network, we provide a trusted list of specialty partners as options for those patients who need to be referred out for further care.

Because National Vision is one of the largest optical retail organizations with a national presence of nearly 1,000 offices, doctors can practice nearly anywhere, while staying connected to their professional support system.

This means that an optometrist’s career with us isn’t location-dependent; we provide our doctors with the freedom to pursue opportunities wherever and whenever they may arise, and make smooth transfers to accommodate whatever life may throw their way.

What are the perks of working with National Vision?

Another worthy benefit of pursuing a career in corporate optometry with us is the opportunity to enact big-picture thinking.

National Vision has many programs, boards and career paths that allow optometrists to go beyond seeing patients in the exam lane; they can apply overarching strategy and test products and equipment that potentially will be used organization-wide.

These decisions will benefit both their peers and their patients for the long run.

Meanwhile, the added perks are apparent—comprehensive benefits, vacation time, programs to mitigate student loan debt and more.

Likewise, National Vision offers mentorship opportunities for optometrists so professional development continues as a doctor’s career grows. We also hold an annual continuing education meeting, where all employed optometrists affiliated with our network are invited to attend and receive all necessary CE – all expenses paid.

Optometrists are encouraged to practice at their own comfort level, which means that there’s no stress or pressure applied to conform to a corporate identity. Rather, National Vision provides an empowering framework to grow and give back, allowing doctors to stay true to the reasons that initially motivated them to practice optometry.

Corporate optometry careers at National Vision are an authentic investment in optometrists so they can make a massive, positive impact on the lives of millions.

Serving others through providing affordable eye care and eyewear is not only a privilege and obligation, but it is also a road to career fulfillment.
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By partnering with us, we hope that optometrists feel good about their professional path, and are equipped with the resources, guidance, and foundation necessary to positively change lives each and every day.

Our affiliated optometrists are proud to be part of our network.

“The biggest rumor about corporate optometry is that we only do refractions. We do much more than just refractions and we do see a large amount of pathology.”

Stacey Baugaard, OD
Affiliated Optometrist - New Jersey

“As optometrists we all provide the same services, but at National Vision we can provide affordable eye care to more people in our country.”

Ayaz Khan, OD
America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses, Illinois

“What I truly enjoy about being part of the National Vision doctor network is the annual continuing education meeting. Receiving free COPE hours is a huge benefit, but also seeing former classmates and peers residing around the country is an added bonus.”

David Myles Bechtel, OD
Affiliated Optometrist – Indiana

"Working for National Vision lets me practice in a setting where my focus can be purely on patient care. The ability to combine the latest technology with the empathy and art of eye care, and make it accessible to everyone - that is what makes practicing here so rewarding."

Karl Schwandt, OD
America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses, Wisconsin


"My favorite thing to hear when I come into my office is "I want to see my eye doctor" - and they are talking about me! I am thrilled that in this mode of practice I can have that kind of relationship with my patients."

DeAmbra Boucher, OD
America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses, Missouri

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