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National Vision Nurtures Career Growth

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In this session from Eyes On 2022, join DeAmbra Boucher, OD and clinical director for National Vision; and Matt Geller, OD and CEO, CovalentCreative for a comprehensive analysis of how the National Vision Doctor of Optometry network welcomes and supports new doctors through mentorship and unique opportunities.

National Vision gives optometrists a voice

After DeAmbra Boucher graduated from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 2005, she worked in a busy, single-doctor practice where she saw 10 to 12 patients each day. While she loved being a practicing OD, she wanted to help more people, get home a bit earlier, and work for a practice that provided benefits. She quickly found fulfillment at National Vision, where she practiced at one America’s Best location in Kansas City, Missouri for 14 years.
One of the reasons she loves her career at National Vision is that right away, she had a chance to make a difference. After just a few years at America’s Best, she had an opportunity to serve on the Clinical Advisory Panel, where she helped evaluate contact lenses, equipment, and forms. Today, she is a clinical director who sees patients, oversees training, and mentors new doctors.

Mentorship plays a key role

When a new doctor joins an independent practice affiliated with National Vision, area doctors are there to onboard them and provide a comprehensive orientation. If they can’t, then select mentor doctors will step in to ensure new doctors have all the support they need. Dr. Boucher is one of these specially-trained mentors who loves getting to know the doctors in her area.
“When new doctors come into America’s Best, they get a strong foundation before they even start,” said Dr. Boucher. “They actually go down to our corporate offices in Atlanta for a few days and we find out how things are working in their offices. We also brainstorm with other experienced doctors and district managers to see how we can improve things or share what is working well. And new doctors get to do a deep dive into the culture of our company, which is nice when you’re working with it every day.”
This welcoming experience also includes a chance to personally meet the National Vision, Inc. CEO, Reade Fahs.
“National Vision believes that relationships are everything and is truly invested in its doctors,” added Dr. Boucher. “I don’t know any other company that introduces new hires to the CEO.”

How does National Vision mentorship work?

The mentorship program for ODs practicing at offices affiliated with National Vision retail stores is based on how to help both new and experienced ODs succeed in their new settings with greater confidence and less stress. Below are a few of the many ways this is accomplished:
  • Virtual and in-person orientation and training
  • Access to experienced local doctors
  • New graduate networking events
  • Hands-on clinical workshops
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Large network of support for questions that come up
For more information about career opportunities within the National Vision Doctor of Optometry network, visit
DeAmbra Boucher, OD
About DeAmbra Boucher, OD

DeAmbra Boucher, OD has been an optometrist with the National Vision Doctor of Optometry network for over 15 years. She is currently a clinical director for National Vision and supervises training, mentors new doctors, and sees patients in an America’s Best location in Kansas City, Missouri.

DeAmbra Boucher, OD
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