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Looking for an optician? Hire your hairdresser

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At my practice two of our four opticians are also cosmetologists; myself included. This intrigued me, and I began wondering how two hair stylists ended up in the same optometry practice selling eye glasses. It may seem like a stretch at first, but here’s why it makes a lot of sense:

1. We truly care about people

We chose to become hair stylists because we truly enjoy caring for and improving the lives of others.
Hairdressers love spending their day helping other people look and feel good. Opticians spend their day helping other people look and feel good. ‘Nuf said.

2. The technical part comes easy

It’s a common misconception that hair stylists are….how shall I put this….dumb.
This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. If we weren’t able to hack it in anatomy, geometry, and chemistry classes, we wouldn’t have made it through cosmetology school, let alone pass the state board exam.

3. We know how to run a business

The overwhelming majority of hair stylists are self- employed.
We know what it takes to be a successful business person. From marketing to budgeting and everything in between, we’ve done it all, and we can use that expertise to help you successfully manage your optical dispensary.

4. We’re creative and innovative

One thing you’ll never get from your stylist-turned-optician is resistance to change. We love change. We thrive on change.
Changing people is what we do. Our forward thinking always has us looking for “what’s next” and striving to learn and grow as professionals.

5. We can sell stuff

Retail is a huge part of how hair stylists make money, and most of us could sell ice to an Eskimo, but we won’t unless that is what’s truly best for our client.
We know how to educate clients on the value of professional products, and we have no fear of recommending those products to our patients.

6. We’ve got a passion for fashion

You can bet that your hairstylist/opticians are going to be your best frame buyers and frame sellers.
Not only are we on top of the current fashion trends, but we’ve been trained to know which colors flatter which skin tones and hair colors, and we know how to match a frame to a face shape.

7. We look the part

As hair stylists are walking billboards for our own business.
We know that our own appearance will determine whether or not someone will trust us with their appearance. It’s no different in optical. An optician with great hair and make-up, dressed in fashionable clothes, and wearing a beautiful frame is going to sell more pairs of glasses.
So, the next time you’re hiring opticians, stop in and have a chat with your favorite hairdresser. She might be just what you need to keep your practice moving forward in style! Also, consider putting up a free optician job listing on, there's some hairstylists there!

Let's chat in the comments! Catch you there!

Christina Bonsall
About Christina Bonsall

With over 10 years of marketing, public relations, and sales experience in the beauty industry, Christina joined VisionArts Eyecare Center in Fulton, MO as the marketing coordinator and an optician in September of 2013. She's also a change agent for Transitions Optical and a writer for Covalent Careers.

Christina Bonsall
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