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Introducing the Next Generation in Hybrid Contact Lenses: SynergEyes iD

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SynergEyes hybrid lenses, available in both single vision and multifocal EDOF, make fitting a breeze, while the personalized design means the lens is more comfortable than ever and offers premium performance in fit, vision, and profitability.

Introducing the Next Generation in Hybrid Contact Lenses: SynergEyes iD
Want to offer your patients crisp, stable, vision with a great fitting lens, but nervous to start? The brand-new empirically-fit SynergEyes® iD lens may be the perfect option for you!
SynergEyes iD hybrid contact lenses use patient data to create a lens completely based on measurements taken in the office. The design of the lens base curve, linear skirt, and multifocal optics are all completely personalized for each patient, based on their unique ocular measurements, for even better results for your patients!
Hybrid lenses offer a solution for patients with all types of refractive error including astigmatism, presbyopia, and presbyopia with astigmatism, by combining the crisp optics of a gas permeable lens, with the comfort of the silicone hydrogel skirt. SynergEyes iD is the newest lens on the market to give these patients the vision they desire, while using data and algorithms to make the fitting process extremely easy for Doctors who are new to fitting, as well as seasoned contact lens experts.
So how is the new SynergEyes iD hybrid contact lens changing the game with its innovation? Let’s discuss.

The Next Generation Contact Lens: SynergEyes iD Prescribing this Breakthrough Individually Designed Hybrid Lens

On March 11th, a panel of industry experts shared their experience working with this breakthrough lens. You can watch exclusive educational content, including segments from lens creator, Sr. VP of Innovation and Product Development at SynergEyes, Neal White, and Bob Ferrigno, SynergEyes President & CEO. SynergEyes iD is sure to be a game-changer for your astigmatic and presbyopic patients, as well as for your practice. Watch the replay below!

SynergEyes iD is completely personalized to your patient.

Empirically-designed based on the patient’s refraction, horizontal visible iris diameter (HVID), and keratometry (K) readings, there is no need for a diagnostic fit or trial lenses. This not only reduces chair time in your office, but, based on feedback of over 400+ fits by optometrists, 89% of fits were finalized on the first or second lens! More often than not, the second re-order was a simple power change.

SynergEyes iD has an entirely new soft skirt design!

The new linear design of the silicone hydrogel skirt fits more accurately around the linear sclera and is available in greater parameters for increased precision. But not to fear, you don’t have to have a scleral topographer to figure this out. SynergEyes® uses unique data about scleral shape and your patient’s HVID measurements to determine the perfect skirt parameters for each patient.
HVID stands for horizontal visible iris diameter, which is also known as corneal size or diameter. HVID provides sagittal depth for improving initial lens selection in any contact lens fit, but is especially important for fitting SynergEyes iD because it determines the skirt value for the highly individualized patient fits.
HVID measurements can be taken with instruments already in the practice, like an autorefractor, topographer, slit lamp reticule, or an aberrometer. A PD ruler or SynergEyes 3in1 ruler may also be used: to do so, hold the ruler in place in front of the eye, and snap a photo with your cell phone. Enlarge the image to read the measurement: HVID is measured from white to white.

SynergEyes iD Multifocal EDOF lens is made with brand-new extended depth of focus optics!

This new multifocal lens uses unique technology designed by the prestigious Brien Holden Vision Institute to offer your patient greater clarity for all ranges. The SynergEyes iD lens also comes in a variety of add powers, and uses a unique combination of higher order aberrations and wave front technology to elongate the depth of focus for clearer near, intermediate, and distance vision.

Unique, more personalized, parameters

The SynergEyes iD lens is completely based on your patient’s measurements. Because of this, you are not limited to certain combinations of base curves, skirts, and powers. Each modification can be made individually and increases the personalization, and comfort, of the lens fit.

SynergEyes iD Parameters:

  1. Base curve: 7.10 mm to 8.30 mm (in 0.01mm increments)
  2. Power: -15.00 +10.00 (single vision), -10.00 +5.50 (multifocal)
    1. Add powers: Low, Medium, High
  3. Skirt size: 38 to 49 in increments of 1 step to accommodate HVID values of 10.00 to 13.00 mm .

What You Will Need For Your Initial Order:

  1. Your patient’s prescription and add power
  2. Keratometry (K) readings
  3. Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter (HVID) in closest 0.1mm
Just call in with the information above and you are ready to start fitting the SynergEyes iD and SynergEyes iD Multifocal EDOF!

So What Do Practitioners Have To Say?

We all have that patient who has tried every toric or multifocal soft contact lens out there and still complains about their sub-par vision. In my private practice, I have many referrals from doctors who have patients with 20/20 “unhappy” vision. This is the exact type of patient who contact lens specialists Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO, FSLS and Aaron McNulty, OD, FAAO believe is a great candidate for the SynergEyes iD hybrid contact lens!
Dr. Eiden shares that the SynergEyes iD hybrid contact lens is the perfect lens for his patients with corneal astigmatism who want exceptionally clear vision. Compared to soft toric lenses, this lens provides more consistent and stable visual acuity.
He noticed that unlike older hybrid contact lens designs, the brand-new linear skirt design of the SynergEyes iD lens avoids any tightening of the lens on the eye—plus, the linear skirt design makes the lens more comfortable, seamless, and easy to remove.
Dr. Eiden also highly recommends doctors try SynergEyes iD even if they have never fit hybrid lenses before. The algorithm for the empirical fitting, he reports, is extremely accurate, which has reduced both his chair time and the use of diagnostic lenses. While reducing chair time and the use of diagnostic lenses is especially beneficial when fitting contact lenses during the COVID-19 pandemic, it also makes it easier for ODs to get started with specialty contact lenses, since you don’t need a ton of experience or an expensive fit set to bring them into your practice.
Dr. McNulty introduces the SynergEyes iD lens to more than just his patients who struggle with achieving their goal vision. Just like doctors, patients are intrigued and impressed by newer technology, and become excited at the prospect of seeing more clearly.
He specifically notes extremely high levels of success with the SynergEyes iD Multifocal EDOF lens, especially in low to moderate presbyopes. He shares a story of one patient, a 46-year-old orthopedic surgeon, who had failed single vision soft, multifocal, and monovision lenses. He had a low level of astigmatism (-0.75) but was still unhappy with his vision, especially during surgery.
Dr. McNulty was the fourth optometrist this patient had seen to try and fix his visual issues and when presented with the new SynergEyes iD Multifocal EDOF technology, he was extremely excited. The finalized lens turned out to be a home run for him and he gratefully sent Dr. McNulty many patient referrals! Offering a unique product and service gives you the opportunity to build your practice by creating happy patients. With a top-performing lens, offering your patients personalized care becomes even easier.
Whether you have used hybrid contact lenses in the past or are considering adding new specialty contact lens technology to your practice, the new and simplified design of the SynergEyes iD may be exactly what you need to WOW your patients, and take your practice to the next level!
Caitlin Morrison, OD, FAAO, FSLS
About Caitlin Morrison, OD, FAAO, FSLS

Dr. Morrison is residency trained in cornea and contact lens and is the owner of In Focus: Specialty Contact Lens & Vision Solutions, a private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona specializing in contact lenses for advanced ocular conditions and comprehensive care for difficult visual cases.

Caitlin Morrison, OD, FAAO, FSLS
Aaron McNulty, OD, FAAO
About Aaron McNulty, OD, FAAO

Dr. Aaron McNulty is a private practitioner in Louisville, Kentucky. His practice emphasizes ocular disease and specialty contact lenses. He serves as a proctor for Kentucky optometrists receiving their laser surgery certification. He is past president of the Kentucky Optometric Association, a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry.

Aaron McNulty, OD, FAAO
Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO, FSLS
About Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO, FSLS

Dr. Eiden is president and medical director of North Suburban Vision Consultants, Ltd., a multi-specialty group practice. He is president and founder of the International Keratoconus Academy of Eye Care Professionals. Dr. Eiden is also co-founder and president of EyeVis Eye and Vision Research Institute. Dr. Eiden is an assistant clinical professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center and an adjunct faculty member of the Indiana, Illinois, Midwestern, Salus, SUNY and UMSL Colleges of Optometry. Dr. Eiden is Past Chair of the American Optometric Association’s Contact Lens and Cornea Section. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and a fellow of the Scleral Lens Society.

Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO, FSLS
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