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What Is CAQH and How To Register for It as an Optometrist

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Registering for CAQH makes life a lot easier to get credentialed on insurance plans as an optometrist. Many medical and vision insurance companies use CAQH.

What Is CAQH and How To Register for It as an Optometrist
Registering for CAQH makes life a lot easier to become a provider on insurance plans as an optometrist. Both medical and vision plans use CAQH in their credentialing process.
The hard part is getting onto CAQH. It can take almost two hours to fill out all the information they need.

What is CAQH

CAQH stands for the “Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare”. CAQH's central mission is to streamline healthcare administration and business practices cross the entire industry. In this article, we are focused on their CAQH ProView, the next generation of UPD – “Universal Provider Datasource.”
ProView allows optometrists and other healthcare professionals in all 50 states to enter all of their information, free-of-charge, into a secure database. You, and only you, now have the power to authorize healthcare organizations, on a one-by-one basis, to access all of that information. In summary, the CAQH ProView allows you to create an in-depth, practice profile that eliminates redundant paperwork and reduces administrative workload. When changes in your practice occur, you can easily update the information to make sure your authorized healthcare organizations have instant immediate access to accurate facts and figures.

My Experience with CAQH

  • Difficult to get started
  • Takes a very long time to complete
  • Frustrating to upload “supporting documents”
  • Big learning curve
  • Makes life A LOT easier once you are done (and that is what matters)
  • Overall a GREAT tool and well worth it

CAQH Contact Information

Phone: CAQH Support Desk at 1-888-599-1771


Help Desk hours: 7am-9pm ET Monday – Thursday and 7am-7pm ET on Fridays

Supporting documents should be faxed toll-free to 1-866-293-0414


Ready to register for CAQH?

Sign up to get the walkthrough and start the process!

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