Enhancing Vision and Elevating Care: Varilux® Lens Solutions for Every Presbyope

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Choosing the right lens portfolio for your practice will not only help your patients see better, but will also give them a positive view of your skills as a doctor and your practice as a whole—and happy patients can mean patient referrals and practice growth!

Today, it’s more important than ever for your practice to stand out. There are plenty of good eye doctors out there with nice optical dispensaries and friendly staff. However, when considering how to make your practice stand out, you must ask yourself: what will your patients remember after they see you? They’ll most likely remember how well they could (or couldn’t!) see with their new glasses after their visit.
Patients carefully select their eyecare provider, entrusting them with arguably one of their most valuable senses: their eyesight. If they see well at all distances and are seamlessly able to perform their daily activities, there is a high probability patients will return to the practice and even refer their friends and family.
However, if they are still having trouble seeing their computer at work, or having challenges seeing clearly and comfortably during day to day activities with their new glasses, this can oftentimes be equated with the doctor’s competency and not the lenses they received. This can result in unhappy patients and you losing the opportunity to see that patient again.
Choosing the right lens portfolio for your practice will not only help your patients see better, but will also give them a positive view of your skills as a doctor and your practice as a whole. Patients also feel well taken care of when they know their doctor is offering them the latest and most advanced technology in lens designs. Their positive reviews will bring in their family, friends, and neighbors who all want to receive elevated care from a knowledgeable doctor and their staff.

The ripple effect of elevated care

As the #1 progressive lens brand recommended by optometrists and opticians, Varilux lenses will help you ensure your patients leave your office excited about their vision and eager to share their experience.
Here’s what some of your colleagues had to say with regard to prescribing Varilux lenses to their patients:

My patient hated glasses. Little did I know, she would become an advocate of these new [Varilux] lenses. Now her husband is currently waiting on two pairs for himself with [Varilux] Comfort Max, also a first time [PAL] wearer.

  • Cary Kharazi, Optician at Optique Unique Indialantic, FL

I fit [my patient] in a Varilux X Design . . . The moment he put them on he immediately said, " I can see!" [and] said he's a patient for life. The NEXT DAY a new patient scheduled an appointment referred by [him].

  • Princess Young, Optician at Atlantic Ophthalmology Virginia Beach, VA
Remember, what you might think is just a small difference in quality can be a major difference to patients in their day-to-day life. With the Varilux progressive lens portfolio, you have access to endless options to meet all of your presbyopic patients needs. When your patients are satisfied and excited about their vision, they will be spreading positive word-of-mouth on the quality of care they received at your office.

A lens for every patient: the Varilux lens portfolio

Today’s optometrists and opticians have a plethora of lens design options available to them. It is important for eye care practitioners and their staff to be confident that the lenses they recommend meet the needs of every patient who walks into their practice so they walk out delighted and satisfied. The Varilux lens portfolio has an option for all your progressive lens wearers’ needs and budgets. From the latest innovation within the portfolio, Varilux® Comfort Max, to Varilux® Physio® W3+ and the Varilux® X Series™, Varilux lenses have a 96% patient satisfaction rate so your patients will leave with superior vision—having had an elevated experience in your practice.
Each Varilux lens design includes innovative technologies to meet the needs of modern presbyopes. The top of the line Varilux X Series lens is the most advanced lens within the portfolio, and helps eliminate the off-balance feeling wearers experience in standard progressive lenses and reduce the need to find “just the right spot” in the lens. Varilux X Series lenses were designed for those who spend most of their time engaging in arm's length activities, transitioning from cell phones to computer monitors to driving and more.
The Varilux Physio W3+ lenses are the next premium design in the Varilux lens portfolio. They offer the benefit of smooth transitions between vision zones by calculating the lenses as a complete pair and allowing eyes to work better together.
Varilux Comfort Max lenses are the latest innovation within the Varilux portfolio. This new design was created to not only meet the needs of modern presbyopes, but also to bring new wearers into the category. It offers exclusive Flex Optim™ technology providing wearers enhanced postural flexibility to see sharply and comfortably all day long.
When new Varilux Comfort Max lenses were tested by wearers who had never worn a progressive lens before, eighty-three percent adapted to the lens “without thinking about it” and 9/10 wanted to continue wearing it. In fact, all Varilux lenses are designed for and tested by real wearers to ensure patients get the best vision possible.
With Varilux, there truly is a progressive as unique as each of your patients, so that you can deliver care to make you stand out.
After all, with the sharp seamless vision your patients experience with Varilux lenses, they may even forget they are wearing glasses, but they won’t forget it was you who recommended them and the elevated care that you delivered through Varilux lenses.
Kevin Cornwell, OD
About Kevin Cornwell, OD

Dr. Kevin Cornwell graduated from The New England College of Optometry in 2015. He went on to complete a residency in ocular and systemic disease with Indian Health Services in Zuni, New Mexico. He now works with MACT Health Board, Inc in Northern California, a nonprofit organization that provides healthcare for Native Americans. He is enthusiastic about bringing eye care to populations in need, both domestically and abroad. He has been involved with several humanitarian outreach projects, in various parts of California, New Mexico, Nicaragua and Mexico. He is passionate about managing the ocular manifestations of systemic disease, and monitoring ocular pathology through retinal imaging with spectral domain optical coherence tomography. He’s also an avid health crusader and enjoys educating and encouraging patients to better manage metabolic disease. Dr. Cornwell enjoys hiking in the Sierras and recording music as a guitarist for Cornwell Studios' youtube channel.

Kevin Cornwell, OD
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