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Carl Zeiss Meditec is About to Release the Clarus500 an Amazing Ultra-widefield Retinal Camera

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Apparently, Carl Zeiss Meditec is planning to release something that will shake up ultra-wide field retinal imaging in a BIG way.

Carl Zeiss Meditec is About to Release the Clarus500 an Amazing Ultra-widefield Retinal Camera
Here at Eyes On Eyecare we’re pretty lucky to hear about some groundbreaking news prior to it being released.
We’ve heard about legislation, acquisitions, and product releases sometimes because companies send us confidential press releases and sometimes because we've got great connections inside of major eyecare companies. 😉

Drumroll, please!!

Apparently, Carl Zeiss Meditec is planning to release the Clarus500, an ultra-widefield retinal camera that will shake up ultra-widefield space in a BIG way 👍
Our sources tell us that a new piece of equipment will be released in early summer. It’s simplicity, design, and user-interface are said to deliver what optometrists have been begging for, for years.
The device has been in private showings at the major conferences and was shown to quite a few ODs at the Vision Source exchange a few months ago. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek and man, is it cool!

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Also, we tracked down a few people who played with the Clarus500 at the Vision Source meeting and it wasn’t their words that moved us, but their facial expressions. We’re talking big smiles and wide eyes; real excitement.

Apparently, the Clarus500 brings you the wide-field capabilities that rival Optos, but with a patient interface, user-interface, and true color photo that would make a grown man cry with tears of joy.

Pretty cool right? I want one!

Here are some photos we were able to grab from people who knew about this groundbreaking instrument. This thing looks special!
Note: The original image files were extremely high-resolution, so we exported them to a lower resolution for easier/faster web viewing. The real images are far better quality!

We’ve connected with a few folks at Carl Zeiss Meditec who have promised to get us some unique resources just for the NewGradOptometry readers.

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