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Bob Steinmetz OD Weighs in on Optometry Jobs and Practice Partnerships

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Bob Steinmetz OD Weighs in on Optometry Jobs and Practice Partnerships
Dr. Robert Steinmetz is the director and owner of SoLo Eye Care and Eyewear Gallery in the South Loop. In addition, Bob is the co-founder of iCare Advisors LLC, which helps new graduate optometrists open optometry practices cold.
iCare Advisors personally designs and nurtures successful full-scope optometric practices from inception, through initial development, and into lasting profitability.
Also, be sure to watch this webinar on how to open an optometry practice cold with Bob and Eric.

In this three (3) part video series, Bob will talk about the following:

  1. Optometric partnerships, what to keep in mind
  2. Before you interview for an optometry jobs, what to know
  3. When to start looking for your first optometrist position
Optometrists should know that an optometric partnership is a marriage, and you need to understand that it is a life long commitment. Are you sure you want to spend your clinical career with this person?
It's important to scope out the entire partnership as well, because what happens if the partnership dissolves? Understanding your endgame is critical here.
If you are looking for an associateship as a new optometrist you really need to research the optometry practice beforehand.
Every single practice has a website now and you can research that practice in and out before you ever talk to them. How do you plan on showing you want to be part of that team if you don't know anything about the practice?
Also, learn about where that doctor or optometry practice is lacking. Do they not have any medical management or a big optical dispensary? How can you help out to grow and build that practice?
Start now when it comes to looking for optometry jobs. It's never too early to start. Reach out to local ODs who own private practices in a true and real way, not just with sending letters.
Cold call, email them, reach out to them on In person meetings are great too. For example, go to Vision Expo and introduce yourself at the bar during a cocktail hour reception.
It's great to start shadowing early as well. Get into their practice and offer advice but also ask advice.
Starting early to look for your first optometry job is critical. Even if it's your first early of optometry school, don't think that's too early.
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