Ben Gaddie OD - Importance of Motivation and Leadership as an Optometrist

May 9, 2016
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VIDEO: Ben Gaddie OD, FAAO - Importance of Having Motivation as an Optometrist

Voted one of the most influential doctors in the past 50 Years by Optometric Management, Dr. Ben Gaddie has revolutionized the way that optometrists practice medical eye care. With 4 Vision Source practices in Kentucky, Dr. Gaddie delivers the highest degree of medical eye care to his patients. Both clinically and from a practice management standpoint, there are very few ODs who have not acquired some wisdom from this profoundly influential optometrist.

Dr. Gaddie knows the importance of having drive as an optometrist. There should never be a loss of motivation when it comes to transitioning from optometry school to being an OD.

When everyone else is sleeping or watching Netflix, it's Dr. Gaddie who's innovating and developing the next big thing.

Ben has had an extremely successful career and continues to be a trailblazer for other young optometrists to follow. With so much more on the horizon for Ben and his team, it's  important to understand that his motivation and drive is a core function of his success.

As many leaders would say, and not just in optometry, having an alignment of your personal goals with your career is essential. When your personal goals and career are aligned, you see a manifestation of hard work that leads to excellence.

Innovation comes from drive. Most people have it, but you have to tap into it.


VIDEO: Ben Gaddie OD, FAAO - The Importance of Being a Leader In Optometry

Optometry needs leadership. There is no doubt about it that the demographics have changed and that means the future leaders will change.

Whenever Dr. Ben Gaddie has mentored or spoke with younger optometrists about getting involved legislatively and on creative projects, he finds there is the desire for involvement, but there is no road map.

Without the roadmap for leadership, it's pretty easy for any optometrist or optometry student to get lost and therefore get discouraged.

Ben feels that it's essential to find a mentor, someone who has done it before and to ask for help.

That's what Ben did when he got started, but so seldom see's new ODs reaching out to him. With over 1,700 new optometrists entering the workforce each year it's essential that new leaders are formed.

When filming this piece, CovalentCareers needed a mentor, someone to speak strongly on leadership. We reached out to Ben, and he gladly obliged to help out. If this isn't an example of a mentor willing to support future leaders, then what is?

Follow through is also important and not ignoring a helping hand. If someone reaches out and offers help, it's your duty as a professional to follow through.

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