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A FireFly Side Chat with Drs. Periman and Schachter

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In this session from Eyes On Dry Eye 2021, join Dr. Laura Periman and Dr. Scott Schachter for a discussion of Eyefficient's FireFly slit lamp.

The FireFly slit lamp has a variety of exciting features that allow for more efficient eye exams. Learn how it can be used in dry eye treatment and patient care, and why Eyefficient's FireFly provides top-tier anterior segment imaging for use in dry eye practice.
Scott Schachter, OD
About Scott Schachter, OD

Dr. Schachter received his Doctor of Optometry degree from Southern California College of Optometry and is in private practice in Pismo Beach, CA with an emphasis on ocular surface disease. Dr. Schachter is an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Marshall B. Ketchum University. He is Global Ambassador for the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society and is the founder of the Ocular Surface Academy Podcast and the Facebook group OSDocs.

Scott Schachter, OD
Laura M. Periman, MD
About Laura M. Periman, MD

Laura M. Periman, MD, is a board-certified ophthalmologist, fellowship-trained cornea and refractive surgeon, and ocular surface disease (OSD) expert. Dr. Periman completed her ophthalmology residency and cornea/refractive fellowship at the University of Washington in Seattle. She has 18 peer-reviewed publications and has written extensively on ocular surface disease.

Her unique and passionate perspective on OSD stems from her work in immunopathophysiology. She is an innovator and enthusiastic speaker who loves bridging the gap between basic science, clinical practice, and patient compassion. Whether delivering top-line care in the sacred 1:1 patient encounter or expanding awareness of the worldwide impacts of dry eye disease, Dr. Periman thrives on contributing to the greater good.

Dr. Periman is the Founder and Director of Dry Eye Services and Clinical Research at Periman Eye Institute in Seattle, as well as the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Quench Method, an eye-friendly cosmetics company.

Laura M. Periman, MD
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