What to Know About Glaucoma and Systemic Disease

What to Know About Glaucoma and Systemic Disease

A variety of underlying systemic diseases and medications have been demonstrated to play a role in glaucoma To optimize treatment, learn the most common contributors to the development and advancement of the disease.

February 2nd, 2022
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Diagnostics and Drug Delivery: What the Future Holds

In this talk from Eyes on Glaucoma 2022, Dr. Sarah Van Tassel reviews evolutions in IOP tracking, innovations in imaging, and the latest in drug delivery systems.

Sarah H. Van Tassel, MD July 29th, 2022
How to Co-Manage Cataract Surgery and Glaucoma

Co-management of patients with both cataracts and glaucoma is an essential part of their optimized care. Learn how ophthalmologists and optometrists can work together to achieve the best outcomes.

Alison D. Early, MD July 20th, 2022
eye drops
The Drop Debate: Patient Considerations and Conundrums

In this talk from Eyes on Glaucoma 2022, Dr. Y. Shira Krecsh explains how to choose the most effective and safest glaucoma drops for each specific patient and, conversely, which drops should be avoided.

Y. Shira Kresch, OD, MS, FAOO, and Eyes On Eyecare Editorial Team July 20th, 2022
cataract surgery
Managing IOP Spikes After Cataract Surgery

Gain insight into the prevalence and causes of IOP elevations after cataract surgery as well as strategies for management.

Sarah H. Van Tassel, MD July 19th, 2022
Surgical Advancements in Glaucoma: What's New and What's to Come

In this session from Eyes On Glaucoma 2022, join Dr. John Berdahl and Dr. Nathan Radcliffe for a discussion of new developments in surgical treatments for glaucoma!

John Berdahl, MD, and Nathan Radcliffe, MD July 18th, 2022
Living the Laser Life: The OD and MD Perspective

In this talk from Eyes on Glaucoma 2022, Dr. Paul Singh and Dr. Nathan Lighthizer review the clinical evidence and share their case experience regarding SLT as a first-line treatment for open angle glaucoma.

I. Paul Singh, MD, and Nathan Lighthizer, OD, FAAO July 14th, 2022
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