How to Hire an Optometrist in a Rural Area

How to Hire an Optometrist in a Rural Area

Hiring an optometrist in a rural setting comes with a unique set of challenges—but, with the right approach, you can find an OD that will fit perfectly into your practice and your community.

July 6th, 2021
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Working at a Costco Independent Practice as a New Grad Optometrist

Working at a Costco independent practice offers you the opportunity to get your feet wet as a new grad—practicing full-scope optometry, building relationships with your patients, and more.

Hardeep Kataria, OD, FAAO February 18th, 2021
You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling: Handling Optometrist Burnout

The last year has been worst than most for burnout. What do you do when fatigue sets in, and you realize you need to figure out a new approach to your optometry career?

Sara Shkalim Shissias, OD, FAAO January 22nd, 2021
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Why More Optometrists are Choosing Independent Practices with Luxottica

More optometrists are choosing to sublease—here's why it can be your best career move yet.

Antonio Chirumbolo, OD January 6th, 2021
A Focus on Myopia Management: Optometry Career Profiles

Myopia management is a unique niche within the optometric profession. Optometrists practicing in this setting provide much-needed care to patients at risk for the myriad long-term ocular sequelae associated with myopia.

Laura Goldberg, OD/MS, Gary Gerber, OD, Thanh Mai, OD, FSLS, and Kevin Cornwell, OD December 29th, 2020
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Building a Career in Low Vision Care: Optometry Career Profiles

We talked to three optometrists about low vision care, how to gain experience with this modality, and what advice they have for ODs looking to focus on low vision care!

MaryCarol Graby, OD, Emily Hable, OD, Arie Wong, OD, and Kevin Cornwell, OD December 10th, 2020
Do ODs Need Disability Insurance? Here's What You Need to Know

For optometrists, having malpractice insurance is a given, as is health insurance and even life insurance. But what about disability insurance? This article walks you through what this means for ODs.

Danielle Kalberer, OD, FAAO December 1st, 2020
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