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Evan Kestenbaum

Evan Kestenbaum is a highly-sought, visionary leader within the Optometry industry. Utilizing a keen understanding of strategic initiatives and an eye for innovative process improvements, he continuously fosters incredible growth while maintaining a focus on pleased and productive employees. As the Chief Information Officer and Co-Founder of Gateway Professional Network (GPN), his focus on continuous improvement and business savvy have elevated the company to be among the very best the industry has to offer.

Evan is known for his exceptional entrepreneurial expertise and constant emphasis on staff development, nurturing employees to outperform even the highest goals. Vast industry knowledge and over a decade of leadership experience has allowed him to constantly amaze investors and co-workers in his foresight and execution, resulting in constant increases to revenues and profitability. His expertise is further bolstered by his exceptional academic qualifications, including a Master of Business Administration from Binghamton University. Evan provides strong executive leadership and insists on satisfied clients, ensuring that companies are always elevated to their greatest potential.

In his free time, Evan enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, reading and listening to Business Leadership, Quantum Physics & Psychology (audio) books, as well as furthering his hobby as a photographer.


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