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Chantél Neethling, OD

Dr. Neethling holds a Baccalaureus in Optometry (with diagnostic priveliges) from the University of the Free State, South Africa and a PG Certificate, Vision and Strabismus from the University of Sheffield. In addition she completed an exemption course in specified diagnostic and therapeutic eye drops at the University of Sheffield.

As a clinical optometrist, Neethling's work is not just her job; it's her passion. Her social media time is mostly spent on eyecare platforms. She keeps up-to-date on information about ocular diagnosis and treatment regimens. Neuro-optometry, headaches, and systemic diseases intrigue her the most!


Treating Corneal Dellen with Bandage Contact Lenses
Eyecare January 11th, 2022
Treating Corneal Dellen with Bandage Contact Lenses

With little information on the topic, treatment and follow-up for corneal dellen can prove challenging. Gain insight through this detailed review on clinical recognition and the successfully management and treatment of dellen.