How To Start A Home Health Contract Business as a Side Hustle

Jun 14, 2019
1 min read

Whether you’re currently employed or even if you already have an existing private practice, a home health contract business might be the new gig you're looking for.

On Tuesday, June 13th, I was live on YouTube with Engelbert De Vera, PT to discuss how new grads and practice owners can start their own home health contract business!

According to our recent survey of physical therapists, almost twenty percent of PTs and PT students surveyed had over $150,000 of student loan debt. Over $150,000! And then interest on top of wonder PTs are so adept at creating side hustles.

That's why we sat down with De Vera, founder of Rehabpreneur, whose series of courses are designed to help rehab therapists get their own contract businesses off the ground. In this YouTube Live, we covered questions like:

  • What is a home health contract business?
  • What do PTs need to start their own business?
  • What misconceptions do PTs have about starting a side hustle?
  • What it means to run a home health contract business on your own
  • And more!

Missed the event? Watch the replay below!

About Brett Kestenbaum, PT, DPT

As co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at CovalentCareers, I am afforded the opportunity to connect with thousands of healthcare practitioners around the country. My goal is to assist doctors in improving their careers and focus on providing the best healthcare possible.

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