How to Get Your Physical Therapy License in All 50 States

Jun 26, 2019
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No matter where you practice, you need to apply for a physical therapy license. Here's the complete guide to PT licensure in all 50 US States.

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The following is meant to serve as a guide to help new graduates of physical therapy obtain the proper information to successfully complete the licensing application for their physical therapy license based on state.

No matter where you want to practice you have to work to obtain a license in your state, but every state's requirements are different and can make the process a bit tricky. While some states may have an application, a few fees, and a few forms to submit, others may have complex legal requirements or laws that may hold the licensing process up for months.

While graduating and passing the NPTE may feel like the last two steps between you and your PT career, getting your physical therapy license can introduce a slew of new deadlines and possible complications. To make the licensing process as quick and painless as possible, we've compiled a full list of initial licensing requirements for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Note: The documentation outlined below is based on internal research, and we cannot guarantee that this article replaces the need to work directly with your state's licensing board. Fees are approximations. There may be additional fees or different fees for obtaining fingerprinting if not residing in the state you are applying for a physical therapy license. There may also be other fees associated with obtaining documents, having scores and/or transcripts sent, or notarizing documents. This guide was updated on 06/26/19. Any changes to state licensure requirements occurring after this date may not be accounted for.

About Casey Coleman

Casey is a practicing PT and the Physical Therapy Publication Director for CovalentCareers Resources.

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