NewGradOptometry Has
Officially Joined

Our brand name has changed, but our focus on new graduate optometrists is even stronger!

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Here's why we decided to merge the two brands

Over the past five years, we operated NewGradOptometry (NGO) and CovalentCareers as two separate brands. It eventually became clear that their goals were the exact same: to help eyecare professionals find happiness in their careers.

Better Tech

NGO was built on a buggy Wordpress platform but the CovalentCareers website is completely custom. This means there is no limit to what our engineers can build to improve the user experience.

Better Features

NGO was limited to content only, but CovalentCareers is jam-packed with tools and features like our jobs platform, online courses, salary calculator, and more coming soon . . . *wink* mobile app.

More Coverage

NGO focused exclusively on new grad ODs but CovalentCareers allows us to also support new ophthalmologists, opticians, and technicians with helpful resources.

New features on CovalentCareers

NGO was holding us back from providing our new grad optometrists with the maximum amount of features and value. With the brands now merged, we can open the feature flood gates!

Jobs & Hiring Platform

ODs can now find jobs, explore companies, and do their hiring from a single platform. In fact, CovalentCareers is the industry’s #1 eyecare hiring site!

Web Tools

ODs can now access free online tools like our salary calculator and, coming soon, our loan payoff tool, cash flow tool, hiring difficulty calculator, frame board tool, and other practice management aids.


ODs can now access free online courses built by doctors for doctors. Enjoy both self-directed learning and CE credit-based learning along with taking quizzes, saving courses, and more!

High-end Content

ODs will now have access to a large volume of higher-quality eyecare content than ever before, along with a better searching, filtering, saving, and reading experience.

See what new graduate ODs are saying about CovalentCareers


"Merging the two teams is a great idea. The fact that we already have NewGradOptometry and then CovalentCareers provides so much amazing info about jobs and resources—why not merge the two?"

- Nishan Pressley, OD


"We'll still get the same great content out of NewGradOptometry under CovalentCareers but it's all going to be in one space and we'll be able to cultivate it and make it a better user experience."

- Steven Turpin, OD


"Their passion and love for optometry and for making sure that new graduates are taken care of speaks volumes and I think that's going to get even better when NewGradOptometry merges with CovalentCareers."

- Patricia Fulmer, OD


"If you tell me that the new website is going to allow you to offer more services, more goods, more opportunities to do and diversify what you're doing and offering—then I'm all for it."

- Adam Ramsey, OD

We've made a big impact on readers since NGO's inception in 2014

We look forward to increasing our readership, membership, and publishing volume in 2020 and beyond to offer new graduate optometrists more industry-leading content.









A walk down memory lane: NGO's top content

We couldn’t have done this without you—our authors, readers, and supporters. Thank you for five years of success and cheers to the next five 🍾

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did CovalentCareers purchase NewGradOptometry?

Nope! CovalentCareers is the parent company of NewGradOptometry. NewGradOptometry’s founder, Dr. Matt Geller, OD, co-founded CovalentCareers in 2015 as a platform for healthcare professionals to build their careers. In essence, this is just a brand consolidation to make things more streamlined for readers and members.

Did the team members change at all?

Nope! The CovalentCareers and NewGradOptometry teams have been and will remain the same. We’re a fast-growing team of 17 located in sunny San Diego, CA and dedicated to the career success of today’s eyecare and allied health professionals. Many of you have worked with Matt and/or Antonio and they’re still right here!

What happens to my article if I wrote for NewGradOptometry or if I still want to write?

All articles, content, and author bios have been migrated from the NewGradOptometry website to CovalentCareers. You can find them in the resources section of CovalentCareers. Just do a quick search. Your author profile also stayed the same but if you’d like to edit it, let us know via the contact form.

Also, if you’d like to write a piece, we’d love to hear from you! Just fill out our writer inquiry form.

I had an account on NewGradOptometry, did it transfer to CovalentCareers?

Unfortunately, no. But, to be honest, our NewGradOptometry account infrastructure had become outdated and we weren’t able to provide much value to those with accounts. That’s one of the big reasons for this change! You can create a profile on CovalentCareers to monitor courses, track job (or hiring) activity, and more.

What kind of emails will I get now?

Nothing will change! You can expect to receive the same exact emails you have been receiving.

I know CovalentCareers started as a job site, will I get all sorts of job announcements now?

Nope! All emails will remain the exact same.