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Founded in 2015 6 employees

Our Story

Our company was co-founded by Dr. Eric Baas & Dr. Robert Steinmetz: two young, dynamic leaders in the profession with a commitment to private practice.

At iCare Advisors, we understand the challenges that new graduates face with exorbitant student loan debt and we enjoy advising young optometrists on how to reach their ultimate goal of private practice ownership. Our message is clear: “It absolutely can be done!”

We focus solely on cold start private optometry practices. We are involved every step of the way, from inception of their mission statement, through finding a location, lease negotiation, equipment and frame line selection, insurance maximization, and into lasting profitability.

We offer a personalized approach to consulting. We believe each individual doctor and each private practice opportunity is unique. We customize our approach to each specific location and each individual’s knowledge base.

Private practice is an investment in oneself and we are here to ensure success!

iCare Advisors
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iCare Advisors Are Committed To Helping Future Practice Owners

"Working as the Director of Marketing and Analytics for iCare Advisors has helped me achieve professional goals I never knew I had. It's been a great experience working with such a talented team and inspirational seeing our clients transition into business owners. Helping set my colleagues up for success is very rewarding. I may not be the best dressed member of the team (that award goes to Dr. Steinmetz!) but I do feel honored to be a member of iCare Advisors." Dr. Kristin O’Brien, OD
Kristin O'Brien

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